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Sunday, 13 June 2010
This must be my season for floral posts! 
But I had to share the lupines.

I don't remember seeing lupines growing up in Southern Ontario.  My first encounter with them was on my first summer internship as a student minister at the ripe old age of 21.  I packed up my car (the best that me $1500, taken out of my summer's pay in advance could buy me!) and headed east to Northern New Brunswick and arrived  in time to see the glory of the ditches full of purple and pink (and everything in between) lupines all along the banks of the mighty Saint John River.  The river in itself was a revelation, having grown up with small rivers, unlike those flowing so close to the ocean (the Grand River no longer seemed so grand).
 When we moved north several years ago, I was delighted to find myself among the spring lupines again~ covering ditches and roadsides with their gorgeous upright blooms.  They always take me back to that summer of adventures and independence!

Rowan and I took these pictures~ I honestly don't know whose pictures are whose, we kept trading the camera and the kid is good for 4 while I am mediocre!~ in the empty lot along side the highway near our home (how romantic, huh?!).  I wish I could have captured their fragrance along with their colours and variety.  Heavenly.
In our travels north to Sudbury last week, it was interesting to see the colours change as we travelled through different areas~ some dominated by pinks and whites, while others, like our town, are mostly purple, which I believe is the dominant colour.
See the bumblebee in the photo above?
Enjoy :)


softearthart said...

They are just beautiful, cheers Marie

Kristin said...

My two kids and I went camping this past weekend and found a meadow full of lupines. My four-year-old and I also shared the camera. :-) The field smelled wonderful and was so relaxing!

mamakopp said...

awww we have these all around our house... they smell of pepper and are so beautiful. Now I know their name!

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