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Tuesday, 15 June 2010
Finally, there is a camo that suits our style!  Rainbow!
OK, so it isn't really camo, but you have to be a little bit impressed that on the day my daughter's new Mezzo Bu blanket arrived from Tickety Bu, she was wearing a *matching* dress that enabled her to hide herself in a rainbow, right?! 

Sadly, the dress is too small, but is in phenomenal shape after over 2 years of wear (made by Sunburnt Geoduck), must find a replacement!

But the blanket! Oooh! The blanket!  It is divine! Kristi worked with me to create a one of a kind colourway to suit Rowan and match her very bright rainbow room, while still being suitable to grow with her over the years as a treasured cuddle blanket.  If you haven't experienced Kristi's bamboo velour, you have no idea what you are missing~ you just *have* to snuggle up with it and there is a size for everyone in the family!

Since I don't recall if I have, and I can't resist anyway, here are some pics of the Silky Bus that Kristi and I collaborated on (one side hand dyed silk satin, the other hand dyed bamboo velour):


怡婷 said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect blanket! They are gorgeous.

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