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Friday, 4 June 2010
I have this dream trip~ it centers around visiting all the Big Things of Canada.
I might have to go alone.
I just can't seem to convey to others the wonder of the Nackawic Axe, the Bloomfield Guitar, The Woodstock Cow (Springbank Snow Countess, thank you very much) or the other wonders flung, hugely,across our nation.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my familiarity with the giant fiddleheads and today I made it to that mecca of Canadian giant objects... The Big Nickel! Woohoo! And I think I said "world's biggest coin" and "look at the size of King George's head" enough times and with enough enthusiasm to really convey the significance of this moment to my daughter.

There it was, glinting in the early morning sun.
So... big.
And silvery. Well, nickel-y, I suppose.

Enjoy this poor quality cell phone picture of the great moment:
 And tell me about the great big things you love!


Sue said...

Oh cool!
I have been there too when we drove all the way from Ontario to Alberta.
Lots of big things in between......still have pictures..

TwigandToadstool said...

I can relate to the fascination of giagantic roadside objects. I've been to the axe, cow, giant blueberry, nickel, lobster, rockingchair, and goose...if you go on your trip, you can stop by and pick me up...I'm in rural Ontario, (a stones throw from you)!

Unknown said...

awesome, we're on!

Anonymous said...

We have the biggest fiddle here in Cape your blog, BTW!

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