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Thursday, 24 June 2010
Ever have one of those days when you just *need* to set out on an adventure? A road trip? A picnic? Just get away for the sake of going someplace.

When I get the urge, it is usually to run away from a messy house, but on this day, it was both to occupy a cranky kid and to take advantage of the beautiful day that just wasn't warm enough for the beach, despite the insistence of the aforementioned cranky kid.

So we took flight to the honey farm.  Board's Honey is a little over an hour away across beautiful back roads (remember the pictures of the water lilies?) and being in need of more beeswax, it seemed like a good day to go for a visit.
Our first stop was the bee yard.  Boy, were they buzzing!  The air was electric with the sound of thousands of busy bees. And the yard itself is enclosed in a live electric fence to keep out hungry and curious bears and the like.

At the best of times I am squeamish with insects, and while assuring Rowan that the bees were much too busy about their work to bother stinging us, I did happen to read that June was 'swarming season' which promptly (but very calmly....) ended our observation of the bees at work! Yikes!
Board's creates many types of honey, my favourites being the wildflower, and when sick, the buckwheat which is dark and rich and restoring with hot lemon and they support these flavours with their own gardens.  A visit to the shop brings a chance to taste many of their creations (and we brought home creamed cinnamon, creamed blueberry and some buckwheat honey along with my beeswax!).

The farm boasts a 'Bee Bus' for education and we checked out the parephrenalia. Rowan took a turn at the wheel.  Suits her, don't you think?!
The beeswax I brought home is so rich and golden and fragrant that some of it went to my wood polish and some of it has been made into ornaments and toys ~ which I realized I'd best not list/ send until fall, when the weather (and the mail) cools down!


Julie said...

What a fun trip!

FroggyMama said...

That looks like a great trip!

Whenever I get the urge to get out, it is almost always because of a messy house!

Sometimes you just need to go somewhere and recharge (escape)


Anonymous said...


The Sitting Tree said...

Wow!!! I'm so jealous. Beekeeping is on my list of things to accomplish in life~

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