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Monday, 21 June 2010
As a mom, it surprises me the milestones that I never thought of as milestones.  You know, the ones you never pictured... I mean, you picture your child learning to walk, you wait for the loss of that first tooth... but there are so many milestone moments I could never have anticipated.  The ones that take you by surprise and fill you with both pleasure at your child's initiative and bittersweetness that they are growing up, already.

Today, we passed one of these.

Rowan asked to make her own sandwich for lunch.
This was kind of a big deal since this kid doesn't *eat* sandwiches.  I have been able to get her to eat church sandwiches several times, but everyone knows those are in a class all their own!  And following up those successes with elaborate displays of making Rowan a sandwich 'with love like the church ladies' have only resulted in my foolishly standing at the counter crooning about all the love I am applying to the bread in mustard form. Ew.
So I stood back and let her work, stepping in only to slice cheese and tomatoes as directed. Exactly as directed.
She scoured the (empty-ish) fridge and came up with an eclectic mix of tastes.
The end result was an interesting creation of dill relish, grape tomatoes, marble cheese, green olives, dairy free margerine and summer sausage on whole wheat/ white blend bread. What was so interesting was that the application of fixings was done in grouped areas~ all the relish in one corner, all the olives in another... very avant garde.  It reminded me of my brother's first sandwich some 20 years ago that I had forgotten: blueberries, Honeycomb cereal and mustard. So this must be a milestone!
The good news? She ate an entire half + all the 'stuff' out of the second half. Hooray!
I guess this means my baby girl is growing up. *sinffle*


mrsbeccijo said...

My boys started making there lunch this year too. It is great to see them grow but always pulls at mommmy's heart strings!
I thought the sandwich looked yummy!

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