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Saturday, 19 June 2010
As a toy maker, nothing makes my heart happier than hearing about happy kids engaged in imaginative play sparked by our toys!  Parents are often amazed at how much play children can derive from simple, beautiful things.
 One mom recently described the day her three kids, aged 3, 5 & 8 spent playing with 6 little Fairy Silkies™ ~ she was shocked at how much play value was in these little 11" squares.  Her kids played doctor and made a magic show, covered up dollies, flew on tiny wings and so much more.  Her greatest pleasure came from the fact that all three children played together ~ something very few age specific toys can offer~ most natural toys span a wide age range effortlessly.

Another mom wrote to tell me about the success of a pair of Sunrise Flutterbies™ in her home:
They are a HUGE hit here!!

They arrived today and I gave them to Emy who spent a good hour running around pretending all sorts of things from being a bird, to a fire guy to a super hero.  We just saw that Cirque Montage last night and they used similar type things in some of their acts so he was full of imagination that he was one of them as well.

Then Alekz seemed to notice how much fun Emy was having with them and he convinced Em to share one. So they began battling villians with their "fire powers".

Next, I hear music for awhile and lots of laughing and counting and instructing from Alekz.

A bit later, they come proudly to me and play MC Hammers "Can't Touch Tthis" song while they perform their dance using the Flutterbies. It was hard not to laugh but they were soooooo into it!

Then they fought bad guys some more.

So 2 little Flutterbies kept 2 boys, ages almost 10(1 week til his birthday) and a 4 yr old completely content and playing for a good 3-4 hours.
I am such a believer in the power of natural and open ended toys to bring out the best in our kids.  I feel sort of like the 'Hair Club for Men' guy (Sy Sperling)~ I am not only the president, I'm also a client.... I'm not only the toy maker, I'm also a mom!


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