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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Friday, 30 July 2010
On August 9th , in keeping with the month's theme of 'Simple' at ::FRESH::, Daydream Believers is launching two new designs!  The quote, while attributed to both Gandhi and Mother Theresa, was in fact first said by Elizabeth Seton (Seaton).  Otherwise known as St. Elizabeth ~ the first native born American to be canonized by Rome (1975).

Both designs use St. Elizabeth's words , paired with a historical textbook image.  The tree frog is my favourite, as frogs are a vanguard species, first victims of climate change and destruction of habitat ~ the ones that may live if we can live more simply.

Available in a wide range of colours in infant and child sizes (ORGANIC available, too!), as well as adults.
After August 9th, the designs will also be available in the Etsy shop.
Monday, 26 July 2010
At the height of summer we are gearing up for holidays~ one month off from my real job. One month to move free from the clock and the schedule, to enjoythe days as they unfold.  Evening swimming and lazy mornings. Time with family and time alone. I can hardly wait...

My blog posts will be sporadic as a result of our intentional unwinding but I'll add something as the spirit moves... BTRT is still running but that pace is slower, too!
Friday, 23 July 2010
So, in 2002 (maybe?) I made my sister a quilt for her birthday.  I didn't quite get my brother's finished (they are twins)... yet.  And he never lets me forget it.  So I hope he nevers reads my blog!

Because I have a bit of a backlog on sewing projects for my daughter right now, and if Trevor knew I was sewing... well, it wouldn't be pretty.  But sewing for a little girl is so much more fun (and quick!).  I have wrapped almost all of my outstanding orders and I am looking ahead to holidays with hopes of completeing some of the following. I am listing them here for accountability!

1) The Party Skirt.  I purchaed a handmade black and white twirl skirt for Rowan before she turned three.  She still wears it and considers it her party skirt.  SO I have a big stack of black and whites ready to be assembled, using this Pink Fig pattern as the jumping off point.  I made one this spring, adding some extra blocks and twirl!
The spring version:

The original Party Skirt (age almost 3):
The Original Party Skirt (age almost 5):
With a few snags and tears and not enough length, it is time to retire the original!

2) Kyoko:  I have fabric on the way for this adorable kimono inspired pattern by Patty Young (Mod Kid). I am thinking long sleeves (though I worry about their suitability at school!) and a top rather than a dress. Ro and I decided on the green version of the fun new 'Castle Peeps' by Lizzy House.

3) Another Sydney:  I love this pattern (another Patty Young)~ I have made two dresses for Rowan so far~ it uses such small bits and has so much room for creativity and only takes about 2 hours to finish!  We made one for fall and one for the holidays last year.  The fabric for this one (the others being outgrown/ out of season respectively) is prepared and ready to go.  Denim on top with David Walker's Robot fabric for the skirt and hood, likely short sleeves. Hmm, maybe no hood.
The former Sydneys:
Have I mentioned that I love this pattern?!

4) Finally, a Julia Skirt... I have this pattern on the way with plans for doing a holiday skirt in this design once I find a suitable top to match!
 Whew!  If my next post is about a completed flannel quilt, you'll know that my brother found me out and that I am sewing and typing under duress!
Wednesday, 21 July 2010
In Waldorf education, each day of the week has an associated colour, planet and grain.
Thursday is Orange.

Today I am going to play a little fast and loose with this and feature the stunning and amazing Monarch.  We are blessed to live in an area that is an ideal summer home for many of these amazing creatures so in the spirit of orange~ bold, beautiful and in flight~ I offer you some lovely Etsy finds so you who may be Monarch deprived, can enjoy!

The Monarch butterfly will fly over 2800 miles in its lifetime~ between Canada and Central Mexico. It lays its eggs in the Canadian summer on milkweed plants, which become the food for the growing caterpillar, which becomes the butterfly which will fly south again when the weather turns.  The butterfly is so named because it is "one of the largest of our butterflies, and rules a vast domain" (Samuel Scudder, 1874).

I always enjoy browsing through the delightfulhand embroidered pieces in seapinks shop:
How about a beautiful flutterby for your hair?  From pammydawn's shop:
Merino and silk handspun~ how awesome is this? By wildhare:
Simple & elegant notecards from wickedpen:
These could be monarchs, right?  Regardless, they are super cool from one of our favourite wooden toy makers, Mama Kopp
Monday, 19 July 2010
Angela, the busy seamstress and designer behind the successful Wild Child Woolies.
Like most women running business from the home, she is also her own photogapher, dyer, marketer, packer, shipper and everything else(er).

Angela is also the mother of five and homeschools. 
I think I need a nap just thinking about it all!
 Angela's core product is her interlock wool diaper covers (covers, ruffled covers, shorties and longies and everything in between) which are hand dyed in a gorgeous shades.  Sweet, simple and stylish for the cloth diapered baby to wear over fitted diapers to stay dry and comfortable. She also does matching tee/ bottom sets with embroidered designs.
A bit of info about the covers:
Entire soaker made thick, soft 95/5 wool/lycra blend interlock. Pieced and top stitched in various hand dyed wools.  This cover has a sewn in doubler through the wet zone making it heavy duty.
 Lanolized through the wet zone and will arrive ready to wear!
Wool interlock is very stretchy, these sizes are all approximate.
 This year, Angela debuted her 'Wilder Child' covers which have been a real hit, pairing patchwork and fun images together.  I can't imagine the precision work need to make it all fit together so smoothly!

A recent set featuring designs by Daydream Believers :
 Angela stocks her own shop, she can also be found monthly at Fresh and twice a month at Necessitae on Hyena Cart.

*This feature is unsolicited! I just happen to think that Angela and her work rock!*
Sunday, 18 July 2010
Rowan and Puppy.
Puppy and Rowan.
 They are quite a pair.  So much so that I was happy to have enough leftover yarn to make Puppy a sweater to match Rowan's.  Rowan's sweater is made with the Never Not Knitting Chloe pattern (Ravelry) & Puppy's sweater is The Sitting Tree's Luna pattern.  The yarn is 'Winter Solstice Sky' by Mosaic Moon.

I still need to add buttons to Rowan's (these are on their way from Etsy seller Tessa Ann) and Puppy is sporting a vintage button from my grandmother's button jar.

It's so nice to carve out a little time for projects for family!

Friday, 16 July 2010
A trio of silk paintings have been stocked at Etsy!
35" square, 100% silk.

"The Lovliest of All" Rainbow Unicorn
Elemental :: The Four Elements
"By the Sea" ~ even fairies take vacations...!
Thursday, 15 July 2010

This is a perfect project for using up pretty bits of yarn.

I love to make them with handspun and/or single ply, but they would work well with plied wool yarn as well.
Attach a bobby pin or hair elastic for a one of a kind hair decoration.  Or add a brooch pin, even stitch them right to your finished garment for a sweet embellishment.  Stitch a piece of wool felt to the back for stability and you have a pretty button!

  • Various scraps of WOOL yarn in desired colours
  • Scissors
  • Felting needle (any size, I prefer 38 stars)
  • Hair elastics, bobby pins, brooch pins or button shafts as you choose
  • embroidery floss or thread for finishing
  • green roving and felting mat if you intend to make leaves OR green commercial felt
Instructions :
1) Choose a length of yarn (length will depend on size of blossom in mind).
18" will make a quarter sized blossom.
Start a spiral, keeping the yarn flat as you wind.
2) Using your felting needle, slide it carefully into the side of your spiral.
Take care not to bend your needle, as it may snap.
Also, mind your fingers!  This craft is sure to give you at least a couple of good pokes!
Sliding it carefully in and out at various points around your spiral, you should hear and feel the "shh" sound of fibers locking as you withdraw your needle.  At this point you simple need to tack the spiral together well enough to enable you to continue to wind it while maintaining a flat plane. (pardon my dye stained fingers!)
3) Continue to wind and tack until your spiral reaches the desired size.
4) When you have your blossom at the size you need, use your needle in the same manner as above, this time going carefully and intentionally around the whole spiral with firm stabs that reach to the center to stabilize the piece.
Avoid stabbing the needle right through and out the other side, as this will leave 'tufts' of fiber on your finished piece.
The tail is best slipped behind the piece and carefully felted down against the back (stabbing at a perpendicular angle to the piece in this case, careful not to go through the front).
Use your needle to tidy up the shape and any errant tufts.
When you are finished you should have a spiral that holds together like one solid piece.

5) Finishing: 
  • for hair pretties, stitch the spiral securely to the hair elastic
  • for a bobby pin, use a strong adhesive and place a dab on the back of the spiral, 'smoosh' this in to the fibers and let dry.  You will use this 'pad' you have created to adhere the spiral to the bobby pin plate so that you are attaching adhesive to adhesive.
  • for a brooch, stitch the spiral to a locking bar pin or other
  • for a pendant, either stitch or adhere to a bail (use adhesion suggestion as above)
  • for a button, stitch a piece of commercial felt to the back t ensure the spiral functions as one solid piece for buttoning.  Stitch to garment or button shank.
  • make leaves with roving and needlefelting, felt to the back, OR cutout leaves from commercial felt and stitch to back.
Have fun!
This tutorial is provided freely, but it does represent hard work on the part of the designer and author. 
No part of it may be reproduced without the author's permission.
It may not be reprinted or reproduced for commercial purposes or for profit.
If you use items created from this tutorial for commercial purposes, credit to the designer would be appreciated! 
Copyright, Lori Campbell/ Beneath the Rowan Tree, 2010 ©
Wednesday, 14 July 2010
In Waldorf education, each day of the week has an associated colour, planet and grain.

Over the next while I am going to feature handmade, natural items that would be wonderful to help mark the rhythm of the week at home with your little ones.  Many of the items come from members of Etsy's Natural Kids Team (search: naturalkids team).

Wednesday is Yellow.  And the buzz is all about the bees!

Mmmm, beeswax smells so wonderful, starfish from Fairy Folk:
Be a beekeeper with this set from the Enchanted Cupboard:
Busy Bee hair clips from Marmalade Creations:
I love this handstamped cotton hemp, bio degradable ribbon from aunaturelle:
And lastly, how cool is this bee hotel?! From wudwerx:
Have a bee-u-ti-ful Wednesday!
Tuesday, 13 July 2010
Thanks to my mom (*mwah*) who sent me a little money for my birthday with the strict instructions to spend it only on myself, I was able to finally purchase the silk painting supplies I have been eyeing for a while. That counts, right?  Spending it on stretching my creative muscles?

So, after a number of false starts and a considerably ugly struggle with some black water based resist which nearly did me in (or at least my silk painting hopes), I am on my way!  I used to paint clothing, and I still dye silk, so bringing the two together seemed like a natural progression~ learning the ways of resists and playing with the movement of paint and dye across the stretched silk is SO much fun for a colour fanatic like me. 

The biggest learning curve is around the use of the resisted space/ negative space in design, oh! and finding a way to photograph the large surface (I am NOT happy with my photos so far, still puzzling this one out).
I have a mind full of ideas for 'silkscapes' ~ using the same principles as traditional 3 dimensional playscapes to create imagination and play inspiring scenes on silk.  This meadow themed one ('Bucolic') is created for Lily Pad Landing's Farm & Country theme this month. Lots of open spaces with numerous simple items to spark play (sheep, apple tree, pond etc.):
This piece "She Hangs the Stars" was planned for a Fresh congo stocking, but time got away from me, so she is found at Lily Pad Landing for Thursday.
Each is created on a 35" square habotai silk.
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