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Monday, 19 July 2010
Angela, the busy seamstress and designer behind the successful Wild Child Woolies.
Like most women running business from the home, she is also her own photogapher, dyer, marketer, packer, shipper and everything else(er).

Angela is also the mother of five and homeschools. 
I think I need a nap just thinking about it all!
 Angela's core product is her interlock wool diaper covers (covers, ruffled covers, shorties and longies and everything in between) which are hand dyed in a gorgeous shades.  Sweet, simple and stylish for the cloth diapered baby to wear over fitted diapers to stay dry and comfortable. She also does matching tee/ bottom sets with embroidered designs.
A bit of info about the covers:
Entire soaker made thick, soft 95/5 wool/lycra blend interlock. Pieced and top stitched in various hand dyed wools.  This cover has a sewn in doubler through the wet zone making it heavy duty.
 Lanolized through the wet zone and will arrive ready to wear!
Wool interlock is very stretchy, these sizes are all approximate.
 This year, Angela debuted her 'Wilder Child' covers which have been a real hit, pairing patchwork and fun images together.  I can't imagine the precision work need to make it all fit together so smoothly!

A recent set featuring designs by Daydream Believers :
 Angela stocks her own shop, she can also be found monthly at Fresh and twice a month at Necessitae on Hyena Cart.

*This feature is unsolicited! I just happen to think that Angela and her work rock!*



These are marvelous but I'm sure they cost a fortune (not that they aren't worth it!). I will never cease to understand how everything that's good for us or handmade is so expensive. it's a real bummer for the stay at home mom who's just making ends meet but would love to make the world/home a better place too. All too often we have to sacrafice goodness for the sake of the price tag. Thanks for sharing though, it's nice to admire them!


Unknown said...

I know what you mean!

Unfortunately we (as a society) have been mislead by the Wal-Marts of the world~ cheap materials, cheap labour that in the end hurt everyone but the few who profit. So people who use quality, sustainable materials and pay themselves a living wage cannot compete against the mass produced stuff for exactly the reasons you state.

And so it looks expensive, when really, it is just real. Like if we really paid people what their time and labour is worth :)

The way I look at it is that we as a family try to choose the better part as often as we can, and choose to consume/ use less on the whole (ie it may cost more but truly we need less). But it is always a struggle!

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