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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010
Thanks to my mom (*mwah*) who sent me a little money for my birthday with the strict instructions to spend it only on myself, I was able to finally purchase the silk painting supplies I have been eyeing for a while. That counts, right?  Spending it on stretching my creative muscles?

So, after a number of false starts and a considerably ugly struggle with some black water based resist which nearly did me in (or at least my silk painting hopes), I am on my way!  I used to paint clothing, and I still dye silk, so bringing the two together seemed like a natural progression~ learning the ways of resists and playing with the movement of paint and dye across the stretched silk is SO much fun for a colour fanatic like me. 

The biggest learning curve is around the use of the resisted space/ negative space in design, oh! and finding a way to photograph the large surface (I am NOT happy with my photos so far, still puzzling this one out).
I have a mind full of ideas for 'silkscapes' ~ using the same principles as traditional 3 dimensional playscapes to create imagination and play inspiring scenes on silk.  This meadow themed one ('Bucolic') is created for Lily Pad Landing's Farm & Country theme this month. Lots of open spaces with numerous simple items to spark play (sheep, apple tree, pond etc.):
This piece "She Hangs the Stars" was planned for a Fresh congo stocking, but time got away from me, so she is found at Lily Pad Landing for Thursday.
Each is created on a 35" square habotai silk.


Julie said...

These are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! You are very talented! I especially love the "she hangs the stars" one.

I am planning to order from your Etsy shop later this year, for some of my kids Christmas presents. The only "natural toys" they own are some Melissa and Doug ones. But they definately don't have anything like what you make...yet. And I'll be so glad to support another fellow Canadian! I just LOVE your work Lori :)
Stephanie xx

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