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Friday, 23 July 2010
So, in 2002 (maybe?) I made my sister a quilt for her birthday.  I didn't quite get my brother's finished (they are twins)... yet.  And he never lets me forget it.  So I hope he nevers reads my blog!

Because I have a bit of a backlog on sewing projects for my daughter right now, and if Trevor knew I was sewing... well, it wouldn't be pretty.  But sewing for a little girl is so much more fun (and quick!).  I have wrapped almost all of my outstanding orders and I am looking ahead to holidays with hopes of completeing some of the following. I am listing them here for accountability!

1) The Party Skirt.  I purchaed a handmade black and white twirl skirt for Rowan before she turned three.  She still wears it and considers it her party skirt.  SO I have a big stack of black and whites ready to be assembled, using this Pink Fig pattern as the jumping off point.  I made one this spring, adding some extra blocks and twirl!
The spring version:

The original Party Skirt (age almost 3):
The Original Party Skirt (age almost 5):
With a few snags and tears and not enough length, it is time to retire the original!

2) Kyoko:  I have fabric on the way for this adorable kimono inspired pattern by Patty Young (Mod Kid). I am thinking long sleeves (though I worry about their suitability at school!) and a top rather than a dress. Ro and I decided on the green version of the fun new 'Castle Peeps' by Lizzy House.

3) Another Sydney:  I love this pattern (another Patty Young)~ I have made two dresses for Rowan so far~ it uses such small bits and has so much room for creativity and only takes about 2 hours to finish!  We made one for fall and one for the holidays last year.  The fabric for this one (the others being outgrown/ out of season respectively) is prepared and ready to go.  Denim on top with David Walker's Robot fabric for the skirt and hood, likely short sleeves. Hmm, maybe no hood.
The former Sydneys:
Have I mentioned that I love this pattern?!

4) Finally, a Julia Skirt... I have this pattern on the way with plans for doing a holiday skirt in this design once I find a suitable top to match!
 Whew!  If my next post is about a completed flannel quilt, you'll know that my brother found me out and that I am sewing and typing under duress!


angelina said...

ah i love japanese clothiing patterns..

Anonymous said...

多譏樓主分享 正野緊係要回啦............................................................

Unknown said...

Such a pretty little girl in all those wonderful little outfits. I love the little skunks.. so cute. Living simply is the best isn't it.

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