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Wednesday, 11 August 2010
E.M. Forster stated it in the flyleaf of Howard's End and as our holiday time with family drew to a close last week, it came to mind (the quote, not so much the book, and NOT the movie which was interminable).

Only Connect.

This holiday saw Rowan's first trip away from home, on her own as she travelled with her grandma and then her aunt, spending time at their homes and in their cities~ as she connected with them on her own, as her own person. (Pictured with her Auntie Jenn~ don't worry they aren't actually moving!) 
 After performing a wedding for a lovely young couple~ a simple and understatededly elegant wedding showing the grace and thoughtfulness of the couple, uncommon in weddings of younger adults, which tend to be more flash (and stress) (another connection~ they were married on a balcony over a bay and unknown to us during the service, onlookers had gathered on the docks below and raised a cheer and honked their boat horns when the couple kissed )♥~ I followed Rowan to my sister's where we enjoy some 'girl time' with three generations of women accounted for.

The end of our week saw a much anticipated trip to Marineland.  While visiting the Beluga whales we had an awesome experience.  We were viewing the 'nursery' tank with its mamas and babies (including one brand spanking newborn), a tank watched over by a hulking grandfather Beluga who prefers to be there than with the young males.  And while we were viewing one of the yearlings came along side the glass and gave us that adorable beluga 'smile'.
 I had Rowan's bright hat in my hand and waved it in the direction of the whale~ and it caught his eye.  I moved the hat up and down and side to side... he followed it.  In retrospect, it maybe shouldn't have been so thrilling~ I mean, a dog on the street would do the same~ but somehow, in their watery world, they seem so alien to us and this sign of connection was so touching!  He then swam off.  A few minutes later, I hear a loud 'bump' and my hat-loving friend was back and we repeated the game. Pretty cool.
 Rowan's favourite part of the day was seeing the walrus blow kisses!

Now we're home again, and catching up and cleaning up, and feeling fulfilled by a great time away and good memories and new connections to cherish.


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