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Monday, 23 August 2010
I am on a roll this week!  I won't mention the mountain of laundry from our camping trip with the 'moms and girls' or the other unfinished tasks. Nope. I am going to focus on the positive, what I *have* accomplished as my holidays wind down!

Rowan's room has been cleaned up and out.
I have two exhausted dogs asleep.
No dishes in the sink.
And I have finished and photgraphed almost all my sewing backlog and I *may* just surge ahead (or 'serge' as the case may be! I have twirl skirts in process for the shop!).
I itemized my projects in THIS POST.

And with the exception of finishing the waistband on Rowan's new Party Skirt, I have caught up!

The Modkid 'Sydney' (short sleeve/ round hood version):
Fabric is denim + David Walker's retro 'Robots' space themed cotton.
 The Modkid Kyoko in Lizzy House's 'Castle Peeps' in green:

And, a simple reversible pinafore (several patterns drafted together and I am not entirely happy with the result, yet!) with Ikea 'Hearts' and Alexander Henry Alphonse's Rainbow Stripe (on the inside, hungry model refused to flip it!):

Thanks for looking ♥


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