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Sunday, 29 August 2010
It is hard to imagine summer is coming to a close!

To help us remember our summer days, we have been collecting shells and pebbles and interesting bits of driftwood throughout, and adding them to our seasonal nature table.  As we prepare to set our table for autumn, we have some summer treasures we want to keep.  With this in mind ( and a 5 year old birthday party to plan!) I went hunting for craft.

This is the result~ Summer Memory Jars with Rainbow Sand.

  • Glass jar (with lid) in the size of your choice. As we were doing a party craft AND space is at a premium on our nature table, we opted for small glass jars as pictured.
  • Sand ~ craft/ play sand is perfect! Our local beach sand has too much stone to colour effectively.
  • Food colouring/ cake dyes/ kool-aid ~ food dyes of your choice makes this non-toxic and kid safe.
  • Glass or metal containers, measuring cup, metal spoon or stirrer. Plastics and wood may absorb the dye.  Another option is the Ziploc type plastic containers as you can put lids on them when you are finished and save the rest of your sand (and later re-use the containers).
Plan to colour your sand at least 24 hours in advance of the craft time.
Pour as much sand as you desire into as many dishes as you need (one per colour).
At the sink, or outside near the hose, saturate the sand in the dish, pouring off any excass water so that the sand is wet, but there is no standing water.  Using approx. 1/2 c. of warm water, dissolve your food colouring (you will need to make the dye batch fairly dark to create rich colours in average sand ~ start with a teaspoon of dye and mix until you are about 25% darker than you want the finished sand to appear), stir thoroughly and then pour into the sand, stirring until well mixed. Set this sand dish aside.
Repeat for each colour.
Once the sand is all coloured, pour off any excess water from the dishes, stir well, and place in the sun to dry. stirring occassionally.  If you are in a rush, you can spread the sand out to dry.
When your sand is dry, it is time to fill your jar.

Make sure your jar is dry and clean.  Using hands or spoons, layer the sand as you wish... you can use popsicle sticks, straws or other items to push colours deeper into one another... experiment!  Tap or press down each layer before adding the next for clear lines of colour.
 Some colour may end up on your hands, so wear old clothes, gloves (or bathing suits!) as needed and preferred. The colour will wear off of skin quickly (trust me, I know!).
Add your special summer treasures on top (or for a neat look, layer them within the sand, against the glass so they will be seen). Close the lid and enjoy!  Jars could also be decorated.
Have fun ♥


PaperVine said...

This looks wonderfully messy and fun!

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