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Monday, 29 November 2010
I am a card carrying member of the Handmade Club.
And I believe deeply and passionately in the value of making and buying handmade.
And I especialy love giving handmade gifts.
(Hand Soap by Foliage on Etsy~ I *am* giving these this year!)

I am also a tired working mom (full time job, two business, and a family business, but who's counting?).
At the moment I am spending every extra moment I can between Advent and Christmas prep and orders (it is like Santa's toy shop around here, but I am short on helpful elves!) at my daughter's school, helping in the classroom, and trying to navigate through a sea of girl issues (I still hesitate to use 'bullying' with 5 year olds, but...).

So our Christmas is looking a little less handmade than usual.

I do have a Neverland 'Wendy' sweater (by Greenstrings) to finish for Rowan before she grows out of it (it is not looking good!) and a whack of glass marble magnets to finish for family, teachers and neighbours.  And stockings for the 'boys' (Archie & Hooligan).  And then there is the stack of patterns and tutorials I have been saving for my holiday hibernation (I always close up my shops once the international shipping deadline has passed) which may or may not get done. And....

I decided to give myself a break.
From the guilt and expectations and then from the feeling that I should feel guilty (you know what I mean!).
Forget the stuff and focus on the experiences.

I will make what I can and what I feel moved to make.  And I will make concessions to expedience over 'labour of love' in some cases ~ something my husband will love since I have a habit of teasing him about his family's tendency to choose the efficient and expedient over the meaningful, and sometimes, even, the practical (like closing in the carport as a garage but never ever parking a car in it for fear of getting grease on the floor).
The skirt I planned to make for Rowan for the holidays has become the little knit dress I have been eyeing in a shop (and by 'shop', I mean grocery store. That's right. We love Joe Fresh. Go ahead and take away my Handmade Club members' card now, because I also bought the cheap silver sequined shoes to match!) . And our usual handmade Advent Calendar consisting of  felt envelopes carefully planned and filled with family activities and simple handmade trinkets hung on a coordinated garland/ line became the Playmobil Advent Calendar (Pony Stable version).
And you know what? It's ok! I can live with it.

Hours I could have spent driving, choosing fabric and sewing  have been happily used snuggled up with my girl watching cheesy old Rankin & Bass holiday specials in November.  And that Playmobil Advent Calendar has been a godsend~ day one  (well, the day I made day one because I needed it to be!) was a horse that lead to three hours of deeply engaged play while mommy got a ton of dyeing done! Yes, I can definitely live with it. ♥
Saturday, 27 November 2010
The staples of our playsilk line are the 'Palettes' of solid silks available in 11" or 35" sets (and 22" and others by special order).  This week I had the opportunity to dye three palettes at once~ it is not unusual, it was just that it was the three most similar palettes and an overcast day great for photography!  So I snapped the three together for comparison.

The Summer Garden Palette is our most popular option to the standard Rainbow Palette (only differing by adding pink in place of red).  But we also have a Soft as Spring muted palette and a whisper soft Watercolour Palette.
If you start at the brightest pink and move around the pinwheel clockwise you will see them in order of: Summer Garden, Soft as Spring, Watercolour.  Or look at it this way:
Ahhh, have I mentioned how much I love silk? ♥
Wednesday, 24 November 2010
Give your feathered friends a festive treat this winter (and make your trees look pretty, too!) with these fun, simple bird feeders! Hang vertically, or create unique garlands to decorate the outdoors for the season!

If your house is anything like ours, we are often over run with crafts, so this craft, being consumable and meant to go outdoors, was just what we needed on a sunny day home sick from school and seemed just right for the season!

The tutorial shows the craft being done (almost) independently by a just-turned-5 year old.  Younger children will enjoy picking the elements for their own special garland and leaving the needle work to a grownup.  This craft helps to build fine motor skills and is *great* pattern building exercise for those kindergarteners who are starting to work on math skills by detecting and predicting patterns.

Age: 3+
Time: 15 minutes or more

This craft is easy to make with items commonly available throughout the holiday season.

  • Walnuts (halved, save the meat for a holiday recipe!)
  • Bird Seed
  • Peanut Butter
  • Cranberries(frozen or dried), raisins, apples, popcorn and other bird safe treats
  • Tapestry needle
  • String, yarn or floss cut half again as long as desied garland/ feeder

Prepare ahead of Time:
  • halve the walnuts and drill a small hole in each half shell.
  • if using fresh cranberries buy frozen or freeze : they are easier to thread and *much* less messy!
  • if working with younger children, or concerned about mess, fill the walnut shells with peanut butter ahead of time, cover with bird seed as shown in the directions below and chill.  This means less peanut butter slopping about, but the kids can still get a needle through.
1)  Gather your materials and prepared supplies.
Tie several knots in one tail of your string. Thread the other end through the tapestry needle.
3) Invite your child to lay out the elements they wish to add to their garland feeder, or just get started threading pieces onto the string. 

 4) We have pictured adding peanut butter and bird seed to the walnuts after stringing the entire garland. An alternative, as suggested above, is to fill and chill them in advance.
 5) Once the garland feeder reaches the desired length, remove the needle and tie a loop and then hang this on your favourite limb outdoors for the birds to enjoy!

If you have any leftovers, there are sure to be some little creatures to eat them up...
...and the birds will help, too! ♥

We love to share our crafts and encourage you to share them, too! A link back to our original tutorial is always appreciated!
Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Mine better hope they do.

Now, to be completely fair, Hooligan is a very bad puppy by most standards, but by Brittany standards, particularly those set by his late great Uncle Boo, he is pretty darn good.  Most of his crimes have been a matter of over-exuberance rather than mischief. Mostly, of the kind that brings Rowan downstairs in a pout, ponytails askew, claiming Hooligan refused to behave properly when he was supposed to be a kitten or a dragon and he demonstrated this refusal by gregariously pulling at her hair.
 After all, by this age (6 months) Briar had an ulcerated stomach from numerous doses of peroxide to make him return items he had swallowed.  These items include, but are not limited to: crayons, an entire orange plastic frisbee, the neighbour's roast chicken (from the table), a tube of urea hand cream, 10 wooden buttons off of a cardigan, several bra and underwear portions, dirt, dead bugs and rocks.  So, in perspective, Hooligan is a *very* good dog.

Archie. Well, Archie is mostly good, like scary are-you-a-dog-or-a-robot good. But he has his foibles. Garbage. Kleenex and barking his fool head off being the main offences.
 But in the last two days they have been burning through however many lives a dog has at an alarming rate.
There was Hooligan's flinging himself at the window after Andy's departure for work which brought down my antique stoneware mixing bowl (such a pretty blue) and smashed it to pieces. 

And then there was this savage attack:
To add insult to injury, Hooligan swallowed all the bits.  It was this last bit of carnivorous savagery which really put Rowan over the edge.  She is still too raw for the inevitable jokes about how it may look when the legs reappear.

And finally, today. It was one of those times when you think "gee, it's awfully quiet, maybe I should check... naahhh.". I should have checked: Oh, the carnage. And then they tried to frame the duck!
That, dear reader, is three skeins of gorgeous, hand dyed superwash yarn in the fabulous 'Soar' colorway by Diane of Bugsnugger.  Three skeins for which I have longed and waited.  Three skeins which, ironically, I asked her to wind for me since all of my winding attempts end up in tangled messes. Erm.

I have yet to assess the damage, I think I might cry if I do.  So please, keep watching our Etsy shop~ I expect there to be some lovely spotted leather slippers and a nice shaggy purse to be listed soon!♥
Thursday, 18 November 2010
Congratulations to winner eclairre!

This week everything beneath the rowan tree is just Tickety Bu!

Become a fan on our BTRT Facebook page to get the latest giveaway news 
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(see 'Followers' box on left hand side).

I am thrilled to welcome Kristi of Tickety Bu to my little blogspot this week.  And because I know you are wondering, 'tickety bu' means everything is all right!
 We are big Tickety Bu fans at our house.
Seriously. Like, seriously enough that this requires a bulleted list serious.
  • Cuddle Throw for snuggling all year through~ it lives on our couch and is a must for scary movies (which at our house are kid's movies with a bad guy, we are wimps!)
  • Mezzo Bu for Rowan's bed (custom dued to match her room) which is the only blanket that I can keep on her on cold winter nights, it has just the right weight and drape.
  • Hooded Towel ~ we love this thing!  It soft, warm and absorbent (terry) and if we leave the hood on for dressing, then Ro's hair is halfway dried, big timesaver at bedtime.
  • Wipes~ once we tried TB velour wipes as washcloths, we have never gone back to rough terry!
Told you it was serious! You need Bu.
And if luxurious fabric and gorgeous colours weren't enough, Kristi is also a lovely person to know: warm, funny and with an unerring business sense I have relied on more than once. So it is my pleasure to share with you some of what makes Tickety Bu tick.

I asked Kristi to share a little of what is exciting her right now about her business:
Business is growing, and growth is exciting! Tickety Bu is new to Etsy, which is fun. We'll be launching a new website soon and the blog has been rejuvinated, which means I'm actually blogging. I love to blog but had lost the time for a bit. I'm glad to be back to it as I love using it to share custom stories since my customs are such a strong part of my business and they normally have such a rich story to them.

When asked about what exciting things are happening with her family, she answered:
The biggest excitement in our family life has been the coming and going of chickens. We recently got a small flock of various breeds and have been raising them since a day old. They are adorable, quite loving and the kids are fascinated by them. It's been wonderful to work on something together as a family, from caring for the chicks, to building a coop. The upcoming holidays will soon overshadow the excitement that the birds have brought though. From Halloween until after the kid's birthdays in January is the busiest, but happiest time around here. We all get caught up in the holiday cheer and we take a lot of time out to do things together as a family and build new traditions. I'm always amazed at how important those traditions are to the kids even though they are so young.

I also asked Kristi to share her favourite family  holiday tradition:
Wow, that's a tough question given that there are so many. We decorate the whole house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, so that is always fun. The kids love to decide where to put everything and they each have their favorite decoration. The whole family gets into it and we all love it equally. We also take a day and go into NYC to see the decorations at Rockefeller Plaza and the windows at Macy's. Grand Central Station is always decorated and we nibble on holiday goodies each year. Walking around the city during the holidays always puts us in the mood for Christmas cheer. And of course making cookies. We make a ton of cookies each year, sharing them with friends, Santa and of course each other. We try new recipes each year and the kids always do the bulk of the cooking. It takes all day in the kitchen and it's a huge mess, but we love every minute of it, including sampling each as we go!
(I am planning on relocating to Kristi's house right now).

 The Tickety Bu line has recently grown by one more great product: the Cadara Bu™:
Cadara is the phonetic for hug in Hindi and this blanket is definitely designed to hug — a swaddling blanket taken to a whole new level. Wrap your little one in luxury with the Cadara Bu.

Made of a single layer of bamboo interlock, the Cadara Bu is the ultimate in softness. It is lightweight with the perfect amount of stretch and cling to hug your little one in comfort. Oversized at 35"x48" so you can swaddle your little one as they get older, or so you can swaddle your big little one. And, after the swaddling days are through, the Cadara makes the perfect light weight blanket for the car, stroller, or on those cool days and nights. 

Machine wash, no bleach, tumble dry. The use of dryer balls will keep your bamboo velour soft and supple and cut drying time.

This week (November 18 - 22) we are hosting a giveaway of
this gorgeous new Cadara Bu by Tickety Bu (as pictured here)
 Simply leave a comment on this post
(and a way to contact you)::
To qualify your comment should include a note about  your favourite Tickety Bu colorway. 
You can view all of  Kristi's stunning colors & colorways 
You can also join her Facebook page for news, special announcements and more!
Check out her blog as well!
The winner will be randomly drawn on Monday, November 22nd at 10 PM est.
This giveaway is open to anyone (anywhere).
I am just working on getting our next giveaway live tonight, but in the meantime, I wanted to invite folks to check out our annual Stocking Stuffer Stocking at BTRT on Hyena Cart which takes place tomorrow (Friday the 19th) at noon est. There are some wonderful guests joining in this year!
I will be back with some ideas and resources for making Saint Nicholas part of your Christmas celebrations~ I know it is one way that works in our family to help us keep the true spirit of the season alive and well ♥.
Monday, 15 November 2010
Yay! Thank you all so much for entering your comments, it does the heart good to read them and to know that others, like me, are so inspired by colour!  Please do stay connected, because you do NOT want to miss the giveaway that is coming up at the end of the week from Tickety Bu (amazing bamboo velour!).
The winner (chosen according to the number chosen by a random number generator) is melissajoel! Congratulations! And just because it's fun, I am sending off another silk to one commenter who really touched my heart with her post.

Thank you all for participating~ become a follower and 'like' our Facebook page for the details of upcoming giveaways~♥!
A comment on our playsilk giveaway got me thinking.
Someone asked about silkies for boys and my immediate response is "of course" but perhaps that bears some thought...

Yes, of course boys enjoy playsilks. And being one who is not quick to assign gender roles or stereotypes, I do however respect that boys and girls are different and play differently.  So what about playsilks for boys?

In my experience, as quickly as little girls are wont to dress up in silkies, little boys want to see them *move* and usually pick them up and take a few sweeps through the air before breaking into a full spin, run, or both at once.  I admit to being responsible for more than one preschool collision.  Boys also tend to try walking with them over their faces (you can see shapes through the silk and move reasonably safely) followed by wanting to be superheroes and pirates of superhero pirates.

In fact, I am a big fan of playsilks for boys.

Being light and airy they are best manipulated with gentle movements and attaching them to one's self requires fine moter dexterity, whether in tying, tucking, or putting on Wonder Bands.
Silks also allow boys to love colour and to freely choose from a broad spectrum, not only the 'boy palette' of most boy-geared toys.  I have sent bright pink silkies to more than one little guy who's mom sheepishly asked for pink because her son likes it (as he should, pink rocks!).

Playsilks open up a world of child-directed play and imagination that many boys are losing to screentime of one sort or another.  And frankly, a silkie makes a very poor gun or sword and so the imagination is called upon to devise swirling wizardly curses and magic lassoes!

Dressup, forts, rivers and mountains and roads for his toys...

Confidence grows as the child leads his own play with simple creative tools.

And we do, in fact, have some colourways that work great for boy play (aside from the pinks and purples which are wholly appropriate, too!).

Some of my faves:
Good Earth, Heart of the Ocean & Heart of the Fire (Sold singly or in an 'Elemental' set of 3):

The Campfire Trio (Fire, Multi-Brown and Mixed Greens):

Ice Cap:
Landscape Palette (available as 35" or 11" sets of 6):
And the Classic Rainbow palette (in 11" or 35" size):
 I could go on!  I haven't even mentioned capes &  Twirligigs™! But for now I would love to hear how YOUR boys play with their playsilks! ♥
The Winner has been chosen... HERE.

It's Giveaway Time!
Be sure to check back next week for a Tickety Bu Giveaway!
Become a fan on our Facebook page to get the latest giveaway news and follow this blog, too!.
This week (November 11 - 15) we are giving away 
a pair of 35"  playsilks in the colorways* of your choice!
Simply leave a comment on this post
(and a way to contact you)::
Your comment should include: what two colorways you would choose 
(and share why, if you like!). 
You can view all of our current colors & colorways 
The winner will be randomly drawn on Monday, November 15th at 10 PM est.
This giveaway is open to anyone (anywhere) 
and shipping is on us!

Playsilks are one of our favourite things~ all natural and durable, silk is a perfect tool for a a child's play.
They are open-ended and child-lead, not to mention multi-age and beautiful toys.

100% silk, hand dyed with professional light and washfast dyes.
35" square, hand rolled hems.

*colorway = the combination of 2-3 colours to create a unique finished item (ie Midnight or Heart of the Rose etc.)
Thursday, 11 November 2010
This is one of my very favourite designs in our Daydream Believer line of tees for kids and grownups~ tees that honour our children and embrace the nature of childhood.

I think I made it for the child I was... forever talking 'too much'... and for my daughter, too.
 I have too say that being told by her teacher that she is talking too much in class makes me a little proud, if only because I can say "that's *my* girl".  It also means that when it comes to discussing this issue with my daughter, I lack something in credibility if I chastise her for being herself.  Rather, I remind her that I know how hard it is to need to say everything we think, and to think by saying, but that we need to always work (and I do, to this day!) on being respectful and allowing others to speak while we listen.  Someday I will no doubt have to discuss the true nature of listening~ that it is not just the time to catch your breath and prepare your next words!

But for now, we acknowledge our nature and we both enjoy wearing our 'Expressive' tshirts (with vintage text book illustration and words by Maya Angelou).
"The bird doesn't sing because it has an answer.
It sings because it has a song."
~Maya Angelou
Wednesday, 10 November 2010
Tomorrow is Remembrance Day.

Growing up, I remember the chilling goosebumps raised by the trumpeter at Remembrance Day assemblies, and an opportunity to speak to veterans about their experiences as a Girl Guide. The poppies and the poems we wrote so earnestly.

As a young adult beginning ministry, I remember interacting with men (and a few women) in ministry who were veterans of the Second World War and realizing that in our midst, sitting in our pews and being called Grandpa and Grandma, were people who had experienced life changing terror and violence and then come home again to take up jobs and families as if life would ever be the same again.  That among our seniors, those gentle men and jokesters who dressed up with a placket of medals on their chests once a year, were people who had 'stormed the beaches at Normandy' or participated in the liberation of Holland and been pelted with candies by excited Dutch children as they came into town. This was a revelation.  That men who shot other men now took up the offering on Sunday morning in a jacket and tie.

In recent years, I have presided at funerals for men and women whose caskets bore Canadian flags and whose services of remembrance included marching on and off of the colours.  Of men and women whose life stories often glossed over those early experiences which had to have shaped them in ways we'll never know.  They belonged to a different generation.  They didn't talk about it.   I have buried men I have known for years who never spoke of the planes they flew or the mud through which they slogged.  Women who raised children alone with husbands overseas.

Tomorrow, as the padre for our local Royal Canadian Legion, I will once again join with vets (fewer every year, at least of the 'world wars' of the last century) and their children, with families whose prayers are with sons and daughters overseas today. And we will remember~ maybe not the experience of war, but certainly the faces of our loved ones that have known war, and we will be grateful.

And even more than all of this, as a mother, I will remember.
My daughter came to me on Thanksgiving Sunday with a gun in her hand for the first time (a plastic pistol) and she pointed it at me~ rather, she pointed the handle at me~ and she said "Mommy, I am going to gun you.".

I will remember and be thankful that my 5 year old daughter has only just picked up a toy gun and that she lives in a place in this world where she can have lived for 5 years without knowing the proper verb to associate with the act of pointing a gun at another person.  I know this is rare. And I know it is a blessing not to be taken for granted when children throughout this world, and right here at home understand all to well what a gun can do.

Remembrance Day is limited in its scope. People mourn the loss of its meaning.  And it is not enough, surely, in the face of war throughout this world right now. But it is enough to remind us and to keep us as human as possible.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
Monday, 8 November 2010
I just wanted to share these fabulous photos of a sweet just-turned-four year old girl in her BTRT Twirl Skirt (Kaleidoscope™ with tiers instead of patchwork).  Photographer Ashley Hickenbottom.
Thanks for sharing Tiffany! ♥
Sunday, 7 November 2010
Rowan and I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with my cousin Karen, her partner Glenn and their four busy boys on their dairy farm.  It was an eye opener for my only child/ girl child to enter the world of boys.
As we were driving to the farm, Rowan asked, seriously, if Cousin Karen didn't get tired of all those boys?

When we arrived, there were Karen's four boys plus 3 more running in, through and out of the house.  Rowan found a corner in the play room to take it all in.  At one point she came over and whispered "ALL their toys have WHEELS!".  A while later, she was playing with a tractor, hitched up to a large circular rake and proudly told me that her tractor was pulling a ferris wheel.  Eldest boy cousin Cameron (age 9) groaned in despair.

Rowan remained reticent through the afternoon, but by the time we had a late, rowdy supper she got into the swing of things and was fully engaged by the time we were introduced to a special dessert practice~ 4-5 kinds of ice cream, sprinkles, syrup and sauces to make their own sundaes.  It seemed that a house full of boys wasn't too bad!
Before bed we had to go and see the sleeping arrangements~ this had been on Rowan's mind, how they could fit four kids in their house~ and the logical answer.. bunkbeds... revealed itself.

It was heartwarming to see Rowan find her place among the boys (ages 2/4/6/9) and find a friend in Ian (turning 4) and a little one to mother in 'Baby Reid'.  Six year old Grant was a little too cool for an SK girl but Cameron was quick to help Rowan around the barn and introduce her to his calf for the 4H year.  There was no question who the pink rubber boots belonged to, however!
 Growing up, my cousins (Karen and her sister Donna who was my age-mate) and I had a tradition of summer visits~ one week to the farm for me, and one week to visit with us in the city.  As I watched Rowan clamber up onto the tractors and other assorted risky ventures I thought fondly of my days spent in the hay mow with newborn kittens or sunning ourselves on the backs of Clydesdale horses in the yard.  And visions of summer exchanges yet to come, perhaps Rowan and Ian, began to take shape.
After all, there is just something about the bond we share with family.  I hadn't been to Karen's home since Cameron (turning 10) was a toddler.  But we picked right up where we had left off, as we have always done throughout our lives.  And Rowan left the farm with the satisfied feeling that she could indeed "be a cousin to boys" and like it just fine (and she could leave with the proud knowledge that she taught the two youngest boys to m00n their mother, atta girl!)!
Wednesday, 3 November 2010
Advent is a season of waiting... as we journey into the darkest time of the year and our longest nights (in this part of the world, anyway!) we feel deeply the need for light and hope.  For Christians (walking in the shoes of many before themselves as the dating of Christmas was strategically aligned with the winter solstice!) we wait in the duality of the faith that Christ has come and will come again to bring light and hope and culmination. 

At our house we celebrate the birth of Christ with our Angel Calendar.   But, of course, this idea of bringing of light is much older than Christ and Christian calendars, and it resonates in festivals and observances throughout the world and across many faiths.  We are, as people, united in our waiting sesaon.

So, however you celebrate, there is that anticipation, that counting down, towards celebration.

Last year I created a natural calender for the season, made in the Waldorf tradition.  And no, it doesn't include chocolate or little doors, sorry!
 What is it? It consists of a silk banner hand painted with 25 stars. I debated sticking to the Christian season of 28+ days, but that gets too complicated!  So 25 days of December it is.  The banner is 5 feet long and 11" wide.  It is embellished with a trio of needlefelted golden stars attached to hand dyed silk ribbon and hung on a twig (you may choose to substitute a dowel, or choose your own twig).  The angel is made of wool, needlefelted softly for an ethereal finish.

How to use it? The banner is hung.  You may choose to have the bottom land on a nature table, Nativity scene or other seasonal space where a candle waits to be lit. The angel (from the Greek angelos 'messenger') begins on the topmost star on December 1st.  Each day she journeys one star closer to the bottom with her message of hope and light.  When she reaches the final star, on Christmas Day (or whatever other festival you may choose to adapt her for!), the candle is lit (not too close to the banner!) and the celebration begins.
As I find that folks like to choose both the dress and hair colour of their angel, I have created a customizable listing in our Etsy Shop.  This saves me having to do an angel hair-ectomy as I did last year to make a brunette into a blonde!
I'd love to hear about your family traditions of waiting in Advent! ♥
Tuesday, 2 November 2010
It's true.
One of Rowan's more memorable meltdowns involved a yellow tshirt with a chest pocket.  At the time, yellow was her favourite colour.  However, the pocket was too small to hold a pinecone. And so she was stuck on the horns of a dilemma.  I honestly don't recall the resolution, but I know we were seriously late that morning!

I think every kid goes through that stage of stuffing things into bags and baskets and carrying them about somewhere around age 2. Mine never stopped.  When I clean up I inevitably find a container of some sort of container stuffed full of oddments: pennies and barettes, pretty stones, acorns, crayon bits, balls, pieces of paper and so on. And every one of this is a 'special treasure box/ bag/ pot'. And when I put on a jacket or sweater, I inevitably find *my* pockets stuffed with mementoes from our previous outings. Especially stones. Always stones.

So when I started sewing skirts for more than just my kid and locals, I had a vision of something full and twirly, but something practical for the daily adventures of young girls.  I started with three fun and functional designs which *really* twirl (if I may say... so many of what folks call 'twirl' skirts are so wimpy~  my Kaleidoscope in a size 4T/5T has 15 FEET of hem to twirl around! now that is twirl, baby.).  But had to figure out the pockets.
I am still playing with 2 of the designs, but the Carousel Twirl Skirt™  (over 40 stripwork pieces withan attached belt) now comes with a pocket option! Lots of custom fabric choices can be found here.

The pockets are 6" wide and the height will vary depending on skirt size, but on a 5T they are just over 7" deep with an elastic gusset at the top to keep the treasures inside during twirling and other activities.

And yes, they have been pinecone tested and approved. ♥
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