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Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Mine better hope they do.

Now, to be completely fair, Hooligan is a very bad puppy by most standards, but by Brittany standards, particularly those set by his late great Uncle Boo, he is pretty darn good.  Most of his crimes have been a matter of over-exuberance rather than mischief. Mostly, of the kind that brings Rowan downstairs in a pout, ponytails askew, claiming Hooligan refused to behave properly when he was supposed to be a kitten or a dragon and he demonstrated this refusal by gregariously pulling at her hair.
 After all, by this age (6 months) Briar had an ulcerated stomach from numerous doses of peroxide to make him return items he had swallowed.  These items include, but are not limited to: crayons, an entire orange plastic frisbee, the neighbour's roast chicken (from the table), a tube of urea hand cream, 10 wooden buttons off of a cardigan, several bra and underwear portions, dirt, dead bugs and rocks.  So, in perspective, Hooligan is a *very* good dog.

Archie. Well, Archie is mostly good, like scary are-you-a-dog-or-a-robot good. But he has his foibles. Garbage. Kleenex and barking his fool head off being the main offences.
 But in the last two days they have been burning through however many lives a dog has at an alarming rate.
There was Hooligan's flinging himself at the window after Andy's departure for work which brought down my antique stoneware mixing bowl (such a pretty blue) and smashed it to pieces. 

And then there was this savage attack:
To add insult to injury, Hooligan swallowed all the bits.  It was this last bit of carnivorous savagery which really put Rowan over the edge.  She is still too raw for the inevitable jokes about how it may look when the legs reappear.

And finally, today. It was one of those times when you think "gee, it's awfully quiet, maybe I should check... naahhh.". I should have checked: Oh, the carnage. And then they tried to frame the duck!
That, dear reader, is three skeins of gorgeous, hand dyed superwash yarn in the fabulous 'Soar' colorway by Diane of Bugsnugger.  Three skeins for which I have longed and waited.  Three skeins which, ironically, I asked her to wind for me since all of my winding attempts end up in tangled messes. Erm.

I have yet to assess the damage, I think I might cry if I do.  So please, keep watching our Etsy shop~ I expect there to be some lovely spotted leather slippers and a nice shaggy purse to be listed soon!♥


Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but laugh. I've been there one too many times. It seems like i'm not only ones who has had mischievous furry family members.

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