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Tuesday, 2 November 2010
It's true.
One of Rowan's more memorable meltdowns involved a yellow tshirt with a chest pocket.  At the time, yellow was her favourite colour.  However, the pocket was too small to hold a pinecone. And so she was stuck on the horns of a dilemma.  I honestly don't recall the resolution, but I know we were seriously late that morning!

I think every kid goes through that stage of stuffing things into bags and baskets and carrying them about somewhere around age 2. Mine never stopped.  When I clean up I inevitably find a container of some sort of container stuffed full of oddments: pennies and barettes, pretty stones, acorns, crayon bits, balls, pieces of paper and so on. And every one of this is a 'special treasure box/ bag/ pot'. And when I put on a jacket or sweater, I inevitably find *my* pockets stuffed with mementoes from our previous outings. Especially stones. Always stones.

So when I started sewing skirts for more than just my kid and locals, I had a vision of something full and twirly, but something practical for the daily adventures of young girls.  I started with three fun and functional designs which *really* twirl (if I may say... so many of what folks call 'twirl' skirts are so wimpy~  my Kaleidoscope in a size 4T/5T has 15 FEET of hem to twirl around! now that is twirl, baby.).  But had to figure out the pockets.
I am still playing with 2 of the designs, but the Carousel Twirl Skirt™  (over 40 stripwork pieces withan attached belt) now comes with a pocket option! Lots of custom fabric choices can be found here.

The pockets are 6" wide and the height will vary depending on skirt size, but on a 5T they are just over 7" deep with an elastic gusset at the top to keep the treasures inside during twirling and other activities.

And yes, they have been pinecone tested and approved. ♥


Julie said...

Love the pockets! Even as an adult I much prefer skirts and pants with pockets.

Unknown said...

Me, too! I had my alb (white robe for worship services) custom made with a pocket since they usually have pass through slits for men to use their pants pockets, but we women often don't have them!

Travellers Craft said...

beautiful skirts i love them!

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