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Monday, 1 November 2010
Rowan calls this 'big art', as in 'Mom, can I do some big art?'.
I call it a lifesaver!

When I really need to get some work done and keep Rowan engaged, we roll out the big paper... since most (all?) newspapers have gone to digital formats sent out to printers at a distance, it isn't like the old days when you could get newsprint ends from the local newspaper printer! So we use wrapping paper rolls.

Ironically, we almost never wrap gifts with regular wrapping paper. But after Christmas I like to stock up on cheap rolls of paper for big art the whole year through ~ and these I save to use for wrapping paper at Christmas!

I really enjoy her working on her art as I work on mine~ listening to her go deeper into her imagination as the art unfolds around her.  Rather than drawing a static picture, as she might be more inclined to do on smaller paper, she tends to draw the illustrations for the story she is playing out~ she draws the action as she narrates it.  In the end, we don't have a picture in the sense of "This is me and a tree" but we do have a unique piece that captures a moment in time and gives me a precious glance into the workings of her imagination!

Mix up the paper size! Try oil pastels or paints instead of crayons or markers.... Have fun ♥


Andrea on Third Street said...

It's funny how kids get excited about big paper. Excellent idea to use wrapping paper. Thanks!

Kim said...

We use kraft paper the same way. Never thought to use wrapping paper!

Kristin said...

We do this too! We get large sheets of packing paper in boxes my husband receives for his business.

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