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Monday, 29 November 2010
I am a card carrying member of the Handmade Club.
And I believe deeply and passionately in the value of making and buying handmade.
And I especialy love giving handmade gifts.
(Hand Soap by Foliage on Etsy~ I *am* giving these this year!)

I am also a tired working mom (full time job, two business, and a family business, but who's counting?).
At the moment I am spending every extra moment I can between Advent and Christmas prep and orders (it is like Santa's toy shop around here, but I am short on helpful elves!) at my daughter's school, helping in the classroom, and trying to navigate through a sea of girl issues (I still hesitate to use 'bullying' with 5 year olds, but...).

So our Christmas is looking a little less handmade than usual.

I do have a Neverland 'Wendy' sweater (by Greenstrings) to finish for Rowan before she grows out of it (it is not looking good!) and a whack of glass marble magnets to finish for family, teachers and neighbours.  And stockings for the 'boys' (Archie & Hooligan).  And then there is the stack of patterns and tutorials I have been saving for my holiday hibernation (I always close up my shops once the international shipping deadline has passed) which may or may not get done. And....

I decided to give myself a break.
From the guilt and expectations and then from the feeling that I should feel guilty (you know what I mean!).
Forget the stuff and focus on the experiences.

I will make what I can and what I feel moved to make.  And I will make concessions to expedience over 'labour of love' in some cases ~ something my husband will love since I have a habit of teasing him about his family's tendency to choose the efficient and expedient over the meaningful, and sometimes, even, the practical (like closing in the carport as a garage but never ever parking a car in it for fear of getting grease on the floor).
The skirt I planned to make for Rowan for the holidays has become the little knit dress I have been eyeing in a shop (and by 'shop', I mean grocery store. That's right. We love Joe Fresh. Go ahead and take away my Handmade Club members' card now, because I also bought the cheap silver sequined shoes to match!) . And our usual handmade Advent Calendar consisting of  felt envelopes carefully planned and filled with family activities and simple handmade trinkets hung on a coordinated garland/ line became the Playmobil Advent Calendar (Pony Stable version).
And you know what? It's ok! I can live with it.

Hours I could have spent driving, choosing fabric and sewing  have been happily used snuggled up with my girl watching cheesy old Rankin & Bass holiday specials in November.  And that Playmobil Advent Calendar has been a godsend~ day one  (well, the day I made day one because I needed it to be!) was a horse that lead to three hours of deeply engaged play while mommy got a ton of dyeing done! Yes, I can definitely live with it. ♥


Anonymous said...

We all have to make concessions at times, especially during the holiday season. We often have to remind ourselves that it's not only about the gifts bought or made or the gifts given. But also more importantly about the time shared with family and the memories that are made.

Twisted Susan said...

I'm very proud that you are opting to make your life easier. Good girl!

Emily@theNest said...

The most important thing is for you to relax and enjoy the season... I think us women tend to try be superwomen, and we need to know it's ok to just BE. Keep warm, stay peaceful! X

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