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Monday, 15 November 2010
A comment on our playsilk giveaway got me thinking.
Someone asked about silkies for boys and my immediate response is "of course" but perhaps that bears some thought...

Yes, of course boys enjoy playsilks. And being one who is not quick to assign gender roles or stereotypes, I do however respect that boys and girls are different and play differently.  So what about playsilks for boys?

In my experience, as quickly as little girls are wont to dress up in silkies, little boys want to see them *move* and usually pick them up and take a few sweeps through the air before breaking into a full spin, run, or both at once.  I admit to being responsible for more than one preschool collision.  Boys also tend to try walking with them over their faces (you can see shapes through the silk and move reasonably safely) followed by wanting to be superheroes and pirates of superhero pirates.

In fact, I am a big fan of playsilks for boys.

Being light and airy they are best manipulated with gentle movements and attaching them to one's self requires fine moter dexterity, whether in tying, tucking, or putting on Wonder Bands.
Silks also allow boys to love colour and to freely choose from a broad spectrum, not only the 'boy palette' of most boy-geared toys.  I have sent bright pink silkies to more than one little guy who's mom sheepishly asked for pink because her son likes it (as he should, pink rocks!).

Playsilks open up a world of child-directed play and imagination that many boys are losing to screentime of one sort or another.  And frankly, a silkie makes a very poor gun or sword and so the imagination is called upon to devise swirling wizardly curses and magic lassoes!

Dressup, forts, rivers and mountains and roads for his toys...

Confidence grows as the child leads his own play with simple creative tools.

And we do, in fact, have some colourways that work great for boy play (aside from the pinks and purples which are wholly appropriate, too!).

Some of my faves:
Good Earth, Heart of the Ocean & Heart of the Fire (Sold singly or in an 'Elemental' set of 3):

The Campfire Trio (Fire, Multi-Brown and Mixed Greens):

Ice Cap:
Landscape Palette (available as 35" or 11" sets of 6):
And the Classic Rainbow palette (in 11" or 35" size):
 I could go on!  I haven't even mentioned capes &  Twirligigs™! But for now I would love to hear how YOUR boys play with their playsilks! ♥


twolittleseeds said...

My boys love the playsilks. They are often rivers and lakes under his train set...the hankie sized ones are bandages for gnomes and dolls in his toy hospital, blankets for his knitted gnomes, capes, pirate hats...and my baby just loves emptying the basket of silks.
I have just begun storytelling...where would I be without silks to help illustrate the changes of seasons????
They also serve as wrapping paper. recycling!

Rachel Soumokil said...

These silks are absolutely gorgeous. My daughter would love to play with them as a wide range of accouterments for the proper princess or warrior princess, depending on her mood. LOL

I can be reached at Ooohhh...I'm so excited.

FairiesNest said...

My boys loved playsilks when they were young. No farmyard or block castle was complete without a silk pond or moat and the big silks made many a fort complete. Silks are capes, hats, armor, bags, and yes slings for babydolls....because little boys grow up to be Daddies.

luxiii said...

My boys love playing with playsilks! The red, brown and orange silks often compose a nest for their plush toy birds and blue ones are lakes for the birds to swim. Lately, my 5 year old has become obsessed with firefighting. He wants me to be the dispatcher and he is the firefighter, so I take a a few silks to set up the pretend fire. An orange silk is the fire and a purple silk on the orange one is the smoke. After i dispatch him to the room with the object "on fire" my son, the firefighter, uses a blue silk to put out the "fire" and the game begins again.

Lori said...

Fabulous, I love the illustrations! We use a fire Twirligig for dragon fire around here ;)

Anonymous said...

My son loves his playsilks. We have a set of autumn colours which become piles of leaves. We knot them and they become little gnomes to take on adventures or he wears them like bandannas or capes.

Lee said...

Dont forget your Year of the Tiger playsilk- MY 3.5 yo boy loves being a tiger with his playsilk.

We use many playsilks on our "focus" table- Green for spring and summer grass, oranges and yellows when learning/playing about deserts and grasslands, Blue for oceans, rivers and other waterways(and similar earth type for playing with animals), we have your "heart of the fall forest" on our table right now- looks just like the ground covered in fall leaves.

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