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Saturday, 27 November 2010
The staples of our playsilk line are the 'Palettes' of solid silks available in 11" or 35" sets (and 22" and others by special order).  This week I had the opportunity to dye three palettes at once~ it is not unusual, it was just that it was the three most similar palettes and an overcast day great for photography!  So I snapped the three together for comparison.

The Summer Garden Palette is our most popular option to the standard Rainbow Palette (only differing by adding pink in place of red).  But we also have a Soft as Spring muted palette and a whisper soft Watercolour Palette.
If you start at the brightest pink and move around the pinwheel clockwise you will see them in order of: Summer Garden, Soft as Spring, Watercolour.  Or look at it this way:
Ahhh, have I mentioned how much I love silk? ♥


Anonymous said...

Silk is just such an amazing textile and endless variety of colors are just so beautiful.

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