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Wednesday, 8 December 2010
I am grateful to be finished all of my BTRT orders for the year!
Yes, I am now in 'hibernation' mode until the new year and I am loving it already.
I actually cleaned something.  On purpose.
OK, so it was my art room so I can make new stuff, but it counts!

I have a stack of new ideas I want to work on developing and I created a drawer (while cleaning) for unfinished projects or pieces yet to be used ~ like a pregnant woman's torso, felted, no head and some knit and fulled cottages waiting to be decorated and some precut fabric squares. It is an eclectic mix, to be sure. I am hoping to challenge myself to 'go to the drawer' every once in a while and see what comes out of the mix!

I am also hoping to rebuild my BTRT website and re-do all my copy for my Etsy listings.
I don't stop moving very well.

Most of all, I am glad for more time for my family and home.  To play and create solely for fun and love.
It has been an incredibly difficult autumn for Rowan at school, dealing with bullying (yes, at age 5, girls are mean), general mayhem of the public system and her own sensitive nature. I have lost many nights' sleep wrestling with the very limited options that being a working mom and living in a small town present.  I have been spending a lot of time at school and a lot of time snuggling and working through important life lessons with my baby girl.  We do a lot of role playing and a lot of 'playful parenting'. At this point, staying in school is looking more positive, although we are exploring our few alternatives and keeping them in our back pocket.  On the upside, Rowan is reading and the whole world has opened up to her in a new and fascinating way!♥

So at this moment, with the dogs having wrestled themselves into an exhausted heap, with Rowan asleep with Puppy in her arms, with a little light knitting to do and maybe a movie to watch or even, going to bed early... at this moment, I am grateful and my heart is full, and I think, for me, the Christmas season has begun!


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