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Saturday, 11 December 2010
Yes, yes it is true.
I have a superpower.
I can make just about anything my daughter dreams up.
Or so she thinks.
Really, like most superheroes, there is a very mundane explanation for my perceived powers. 
Radioactive spider.
Planet Krypton.
A hoarders worthy stash of craft supplies and a tendency to try everything once.
You know, the usual superhero beginnings.

And so when Rowan flashes the Bat Signal into the Gotham sky I can usually come up with the required item.
A superhero costume.
A matching hair pretty.  
A shirt for Puppy or some glitter paint for the finishing touches on an art project.
I have got it covered.

I have knit, cross-stitched, sewn, collaged and decoupaged, wood burned and hot glued, felted, spun, quilted, embroidered, scrapbooked, stamped, painted, crackled and polished and sealed ... shall I go on?
I have beads and bells and fabric and wood and paints and pastels and watercolours and silk and several kinds of dye and a bucket of adhesives and a box of pinecones and a bag of pompoms. Yarn, roving, old sweaters, floss, thread, ink, stamps, sewing machines... one person's sickness is another's super power, no?

Today Rowan submits the plans for Puppy's Christmas stocking (Puppy being her well loved lovey).
And I am stumped.
And touched.
Honoured, really, that she thinks so highly of my skills.
But this time I think I have been beat.
Riddled and left holding the kryptonite.

This will be my un-caping.
My return to Peter Parker-hood.
Yes. That is a Christmas Stocking pattern.
Complete with name, hugs and kisses, funny faces, a row of jingle bells on the bottom and some sort of Elephant Dog Hose Nose creature that may or may not be a likeness of Puppy himself (or herself, depending on the time of day~ Puppy changes gender).
Should it be knit? painted? quilted? stamped? I am so befuddled.
Maybe some sort of fabric markers and she can do it herself, right?
I must have one of those around here.

It isn't so bad just being Diana Prince, right? ♥


W-S Wanderings said...

Too funny! Go with the fabric markers, and an heirloom piece will be created by both of you.

Heather Fenton said...

I automatically thought of sewing... Maybe sew the phisical stocking and sew the jingle bells on and show your daughter how to cross stitch simple x's and O's (i don't know how old she is but I learned how to cross stitch X's at like... 7) and giver her fabric markers for other stuff? You can also try letting her design everything on the computer, printing it out on transfer paper and ironing it on to the stocking...
Good Luck!

Sara in WI said...

When my son was in second grade, he drew a sweater that he wanted. Fortunately, I had given him graph paper on which to draw his design and I could turn it into an intarsia pattern. It was fun and has become a priceless heirloom. You could overlay Rowan's drawing with a piece of acetate graph paper, you might be able to try that,too!

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