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Monday, 20 December 2010
It is very difficult to find a good quality coloring book.
And I'll admit it, I love to colour.

So does my daughter.

Sometimes the blank page is too daunting and you just want someone to give you a start.
And you don't want it to be Dora or a misshapen Pony.

We do enjoy the Dover Coloring Books for straight up, colour within the lines, colouring.

But last Christmas we discovered a whole new world (and it was sort of like "hey! why didn't anyone tell us about these books?!").
The doodle, scribble, silly, inspiring coloring books that start with a simple concept or doodle and challenge you to take it from there!

We have tried several different series and love the ones by Taro Gomi best, but then what's not to love from the author/ artist who brought us 'Everyone Poops' ?
Rowan is pictured here responding to the request to dress these two people:
And this page followed one of drawing what the pirates were shooting at each other from cannons (balloons, cheese and flowers), which came after the one where she was asked to draw the animal tracks for various creatures...
The grownups love them, too ~ my sister and I had a throwdown last summer, drawing the prettiest marionette (mine is on your left!)...
And then a contest for who could say the saddest thing:
'You're being mean to me on my birthday' vs. 'I only had four fingers to open the door all by myself and it was the hardest thing I had to do in my whole life' (a direct quote from my daughter).

These are now our favourite gifts for kids (and grownups~ who usually need you to supply the crayons for them, too).

The new books from Canada's Owlkids are great, for those who want to shop Canadian!
Happy Doodling♥


Melissa said...

I'll will definitely have to check these out for my girl. Have you seen the anticoloring books by Susan Striker? Similar concept.

Unknown said...

No, I'll have to check them out!

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