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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Thursday, 6 January 2011
I am not good at math.
But I think I may have fared better, were I learning today!

I love that children in Kindergarten (here in Ontario, at least) are learning the idea of 'math sentences' ~ I *get* sentences! And that they are using a lot of pattern making and identification to develop their early math skills~ I love patterns, I am the kind of person who is thrilled when I see a line of cars at a light that create a pattern (3 red, one white, 3 red). Yes, I am a geek.

Over the years I have made numerous counting/ number toys.  In fact, if I can drum up the felting mojo, I should do some more!  Each set has colours, numbers and patterns to play with as the child learns (digits on the back/base and a corresponding number of dots or objects).
Gnomes & Fairies:

Even Pigs!

And this month I have added some new toys in the same spirit~! These wooden toadstools are so much fun to play with: hold, stack, roll~ and you can also sort them, count them, create patterns and write math sentences, too.

Available now in our Etsy shop! ♥


Andréann said...

those are all super cute!
I especially love the toadstool :)

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