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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 8 January 2011
Etsy has been shifting its focus towards social networking (I think) ~ I have to say I don't really 'get' what they are doing.  However, I have long found the good old 'heart' system, whereby you mark a shop or item as a favourite to be quite interesting.  It is always fascinating to swirl through your 'hearts' and see what sorts of folks and shops have added you to their faves.

Go to any Etsy shop and on the left hand menu you will see 'Who favorites this shop'. Not that I think favorite should be used as a verb!

So I am starting a new feature, swirling through my hearts until I see an avatar that draws me into a shop... and to share it with you. They like me, I like them, we all win! And it all comes 'from the heart'.

Today, I want to share with you the drawings of Jill Bogart of London, ON and her shop Doodle and Hoob.

First of all, I love good stories and Jill has a story for each of her drawings on her blog.

And then there are the drawings~ whimsical, earnest and sweet, some (ok, many!) are silly in a very good way (like 'sick day', below, or colossal slacker):
The collection images are compelling, you want to look at all the details, and they are made completely in Photoshop, like 'collector of worlds':
What a delightful find, hiding in my 'hearts'~ thanks Jill for liking my shop so I coudl find yours!!


Amanda T said...

What a great idea :) My 4 year old loves "spinning the pictures" of ours hearts and looking at them all.

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