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Monday, 24 January 2011
Over the last month, I have been taking some time to finish up items from my 'work in progress' box. Ok, it is a pile and a box.  Among these projects was a partially constructed playscape (what is a playscape?), waiting to be completed.
I prefer to make my playscapes by needlefelting the entirety onto a base of upcycled wool for stability.  This means making a fairly large scale sculpture to a given theme and can take a substantial amount of time (and fiber!).  But it is so much fun to watch a world come into existence and to add all the tiny details that (one hopes) will delight little players! (Click picture for larger image)

The Beaver Pond measures roughly 12 x 14".
It features a beaver pond, stream and lodge as well as a family of three beavers (one of them is a tiny baby beaver!), four loose logs and a branch (for building dams) on lots of wide open play space.
There are waving cat-tails, flowers in the meadow and even a fairy ring of red capped toadstools in the natural landscape which borrows from the colours of our ownnorthern terrain.

A child could easily add their own stones, wood and other small toys to the pond to populate it (turtles? fish? boats? birds? dinosaurs? always dinos at our house!) further.
This playscape is for sale in the Etsy shop.Take a peekat other playscapes from the past in our gallery.


sarah in the woods said...

This is fabulous. I love your creativity!

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