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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Monday, 21 February 2011
Today, in Ontario, is Family Day.  To mark the day I have gathered a few families from the work of the Natural Kids team on Etsy.  The team consists of members who create natural toys and family products with natural materials~ you can find all of their amazing work by searching 'naturalkids team' on Etsy.

Rowan informed me that she is supposed to make a picture for school depicting what her family did for Family Day.  We suggested she could draw herself holding a duster? Mommy cleaning the toilet? Daddy folding laundry? Because that is how we roll on Family Day around here! (However given that it is gloriously sunny, our day may also include a snow hike in the sugar bush with the dogs..!).

Family Day (Natural Kids Team)

1. Bunny Family, Imagination Kids
2. Travelling Family House, Fee Vertelaine
3. Unicorn Family, The Enchanted Cupboard
4. Multicultural Dollhouse Family, driaa
5. Grandmother & Grandaughter, Haddy2dogs
6. Itty Bitty Mint Birdie Family, Yarn Miracle
7. First Dance, Father & Daughter, Nushkie
8. Mother & Child Hedgehog, Maple Shade Kids


Rebecca Varon said...

What a lovely "family" of creations from creators who love family!!! Thanks so very much for sharing my "First Dance" sculptural wool painting among these other treasures. Quite honored!

mrsbeccijo said...

Love the tradition of family day! As homeschoolers we get to have lots of family days! Love this collection and thank you for featuring my Unicorn Family!! - They are happy about it too!

Wanda at Maple Shade Kids said...

Family Day....How wonderful! I am honored to have my mom and child hedgehog collage be chosen to be featured with such beautiful natural products. Have a wonderful time with the family....even if it consists of working together to clean. Great idea!

Dria said...

Beautiful and inspiring!
Thanks for including my Multicultural Family :-)

Suzie said...

What a great holiday!

haddy2dogs said...

Love the inspiration! My family is my next stop..m

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