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Thursday, 24 February 2011
You know those weeks.
Everything goes sideways.

Monday plans (stat holiday) blown away by meeting scheduled at 1 PM, leaving my daughter mad about what to draw for her assigned homework of a picture of what your family did on Family Day.  She didn't feel reading together as a family all snuggled up in bed in the winter sunshine 'special enough. She had to draw a picture of a bowl of crackers. GIANT bowl in the middle, tiny picture of her feeding that bowl of crackers to Archie the Sheltie in the bottom corner. Ah, great family memories.

Tuesday, cranky daughter home with a tummy ache that vanishes by 10 am, keeping me home from work.  Planned visit with friends for dog and kid exercise demolished by rogue (cracker-eating) Sheltie chasing people down the street and utterly refusing to enter house, crate or vehicle while cranky daughter wails from said vehicle, dispensing advice on how to catch rogue Sheltie and crying because Mommy said "I am going to wring his furry neck" a little too loudly and convincingly. Dog #2 howls from back of vehicle because he cannot see the excitement.  Mommy calls Daddy to hunt down rogue Sheltie and drives away, only to have rogue vehicle overheat. Again. Turn around, come home. Mommy wishes she drank.

Wednesday. Diagnosis Head Gasket. Pretty sure twirl skirts and playsilks will not cover mechanic's bill. Mechanic too big for any instock items.

Thursday, tenatively peaceful. Day not over.

And you know what... that is all pretty normal around here, now that I think about it.
But there isn't too much time to think because the dog has fallen into the couch again.
Yes, fallen into the couch, but that is another story.
Maybe I'll leave him there until tomorrow, today has been so nice, so far. ♥


Tara said...

Sorry your week is going that way. If it makes you feel any better, the re-telling of it made me laugh!

Unknown said...

Good :) I can laugh about it, too (now!).

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