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Friday, 25 February 2011
Last night I griped about my week, and I am here to say that I still like yesterday best!

Today. What can I say. 
There were many good bits.
My silk order arrived, yay!
I enjoyed Rowan reading Danny the Dinosaur to me, and she educated me about how we now know dinosaurs like the Brachiosaurus didn't walk upright and drag their tails as scienists once thought (you might think that after 3 years of dino everything I would catch on, or be interested, but no).

But then there was this morning.

I made the 45 minute drive into the 'city' to do some much needing banking, only to find that my husband filched my debit card and I *couldn't* do my banking.  And then I came out to the car (the loaner car, from the dealership) only to find out that I had locked the keys inside.

So, the call to the towing company was fun.
Yes, I need someone to get the keys out of my car.
What kind of car?
A silver one.
Silver? What make?
I don't know.
Can you check?
Buick Century.
What year?
I don't know. But it has a tape deck!

And then I stood outside freezing so I could flag the truck down in the parking lot. And of course, when I left home in the morning in denim jacket and hoodie, I had thought about what would happen if it was actually colder than I thought, and for any reason I was stuck outside. I actually *thought* it. And proceeded in my hoping for spring clothing~ in Northern Ontario you hit that point when you refuse to accept any more winter and do things like wearing a hoodie and running shoes on an icy subzero day. At least I do.

Turns out the car was newer than I guessed and the guy hadn't brought the right tools.
Apparently the tape deck was a custom addition for whatever tape loving driver owned it previously.

Add the $50 for the lock opening to the head gasket bill.

Here's hoping Saturday arrives soon!


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