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Saturday, 12 February 2011
This will never ever be a food blog.

This week at church we are going to be talking about gifts of the Spirit~ and the difference between gifts and skills. Gifts are those things for which we have aptitude and from which we derive joy in exercising and offering in service. When we are lucky or attentive, our skills (those things we have learned to do well but which may wear us out or gain our resentment) will match our gifts.
And the fact that there are many gifts, but no one of us has them all.

Baking is not my gift.
Or my skill.
And I neither enjoy it, nor do it well.

I can live with that. I would rather make a skirt than bake a cake.  Baking requires a precision that I lack. Which is why dyeing works so well for me... throw it all in and see what happens!

Case in point.
I bought a sweet new cupcake pan~ daisy shaped tops! And Rowan and I made the big decision of choosing Angel Food cake mix from among the few non-dairy/ on-sale options at the grocery store.  But angel food cake is meant to be made in one of those strapped pans~ not in a daisy shaped cupcake pan.

Oh my.
Although, I will say our addition of all of the leftover rainbow sprinkles to the batter was an inspired touch!
After the first batch of cupcakes bombed, I looked at the huge, foaming (?!) bowl of batter and poured it into a cake pan and tossed it into the oven. We cleaned up the kitchen.
Then,  I noticed the oven and timer were on. How odd!
So I shut them both off.
When I realized what I had done, the cake was a literal flop.
So I finished baking it, anyway.

We have a can (yes, a can~ diary-free!) of icing and some blackberries and I bet it will taste just fine!
And I will stick to my gifts & or skills... and to make me feel better, here is a sneak peek of what else I made this weekend!♥


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

My daughters and I had a similar experience when making candy this week. Complete flop. I didn't have the guts to post the pictures, though. If you read about the candy-making experience, you can see why:

S said...

bet it tasted great anyway!

Gramerly said...

Oh, bless your heart. A+ for effort. Personally, the chewy edge is all I like of the angel food cake, so I would have loved it. I had eggs that needed using so I tried my first pound cake today. It's okay. I bake some mean bread and cinnamon rolls, but cakes have never been my strong suit. Looking forward to exploring your site.

Unknown said...

LOL They did taste ok, but the cake portion I made with the rest of the batter was a sloppy wet failure.
Welcome :)

Eve's Little Earthlings said...

Haha on the cake misadventures. We don't bake much here anymore because there is so much sugar in most of the recipes.
I do make bread however and have had many mishaps because i have forgotten the dough.

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