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Saturday, 19 February 2011
A few weeks ago, I reflected on the importance of scent to memory and meaning for our children, and for us as adults.
When I came across a reflection on the delight of opening (and smelling) a new box of crayons, I just had to share it! I cites a Crayola study of the world's 20 most reconizable scents for adults ~ here is the list:

1. Coffee
2. Peanut butter
3. Vicks VapoRub
4. Chocolate
5. Wintergreen oil
6. Baby powder
7. Cigarette butts
8. Mothballs
9. Dry cat food
10. Beer
11. Ivory bar soap
12. Juicy Fruit gum
13. Orange
14. Cinnamon
15. Lemon
16. Tuna
17. Banana
18. Crayons
19. Cheese
20. Bleach

Isn't the memory an amazing thing?  Pick any one of those, think about it for a moment and you *can* smell it just from memory!  The human brain is so darn cool ♥.


Fallingladies said...

this post is sooo true... every time I smell my "copy" stamp at work it reminds me of child birth, must be the antiseptic smell of the hospital, not exactly a great smell but the memory it brings is wonderful...

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