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Thursday, 31 March 2011
Congratulations to Krista!
(krista~ if you are reading this, could you please contact me? Thanks!)
"I am so glad I found your blogs! I enjoyed looking around, seeing the posts and the patterns on both blogs, and your Etsy shop. ( I see a felted gnomehome or 2 in my future.)
In the Pumpkin Pie patterns, I love the Lucia sweater pattern especially.
Thanks for offering the giveaway."

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Welcome to Angela of Pumpkin Pie Baby!
Angela is our featured artisan this weekend and she is giving away 
2 adorable girly knitting patterns to a lucky winner!
Tell us a little about how your business began:
When my second daughter was born, we had a lot of changes going on in our lives.  I left work to stay at home with my children and we were preparing to move to another state.  We also began cloth diapering.  I needed a creative outlet and began crocheting longies, shorties and soakers for my daughter.  I also taught myself to knit.  After we moved, I opened Pumpkin Pie Baby online, just about 4 years ago now.  I began by offering crocheted cloth diaper covers, but then expanded into offering knitted ones and crocheted play foods.  About a year ago, I ventured into designing and that's currently where most of my energy is focused right now.
 What are your current joys or inspirations in your business?
There are really endless possibilities with knitting.  The way you can combine yarns, colors, textures, shapes.  I'm enjoying trying new yarns and stitch patterns.  I love seeing what others make with my patterns.  And my biggest joy is how much my children love the things I make for them.  When I knit and crocheted things to sell, my girls always seemed a little sad that it wasn't for them.  Now, they really get excited that I made something just for them.
knit, knitting, hat, pattern, free, giveaway, child, winter

Tell us about a favourite family activity in your home.
At home, we love dance parties.  My kids love to dance and they're really uninhibited about it all.  It's so much fun to watch and dance with them.  Outside of the house, we love trips to the beach.  We're lucky to live 10 minutes from the ocean so we'll go year round as long as it doesn't get too cold.  There's always so much to look at and find and explore.

The Giveaway
The Lucia Sweater is a seamless raglan sweater for babies and girls knit from the top down and in the round. The lacy body and short sleeves make it the perfect layer over a long or short sleeved T. It is available in 6 sizes. The pattern also includes instructions for 3/4 sleeves.  More information HERE.
pattern, sweater, free, knitting, girl, child, spring, summer, top
The Lucia Hat is lacy and close-fitting. It is knit in the round with an easy lace pattern perfect for beginner knitters but interesting enough for more advanced knitters too. It comes in 5 sizes from newborn to adult.  More information HERE. 
Simply leave a comment on this post
(and a way to contact you, either through your blogger ID, email, or other):: 
To qualify your comment must include a note about  
your favourite Pumpkin Pie Baby pattern (featured on the right sidebar HERE).
The winners will be randomly drawn from qualifying entries on Monday, April 4, at 10 PM est.
The winner will receive both patterns as a PDF, or, if preferred, have it gifted to them at Ravelry.
This giveaway is open to anyone (anywhere).
This past week we did something that is way beyond my comfort zone... or character as a parent.
We took our daughter to a television audition.
It seems bizarre to even write it!

Now, before you picture stage mom a la Toddlers in Tiaras, hear me out!
It was actually a fun and interesting trip for us all and I thought I would share for the curious (like us)!

My sister has a friend who is an agent in Toronto.  While they were talking, one thing lead to another and the agent was looking for 5-7 year olds, not shy, to try out for a one-off part for What's Your News (airs on CBC in Canada).  The show is a mix of live actors and animation geared to 3-5 year olds and celebrates children's news ~ like learning to hop on one foot, or getting a puppy. We connected and we headed to the Big Smoke for the audition (agreeing because of the one time nature of the 'job'~ given the distances to travel).

The one caveat the agent gave us repeatedly was that the kids can't be shy!

We asked Rowan about it, watching for signs of anxiety, but she was very interested. 
Through the week we worked very casually on manners~ things like eye contact, replying to polite queries such as 'how are you' and giving answers to questions in more that a yes/no.

We were told to dress 'nice casual' and to be prepared to meet with the casting director.
When we arrived, we signed in, filling out a form with our child's interests and talents.
We were a little nervous about this, because while Rowan *can* sing and dance, it is entirely 'self-taught' and dangerously random! Instead we prepared some lines from one of her favourite books (Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp) which she could recite with dinosaur actions.

While we waited the kids had the run of the production company's lunch room with coloring pages and crayons.  There was a great mix of ages, skin tones and personalities in the room~ all just normal, natural kids (which was a relief!). 

When our turn arrived, we were ushered to a sound room, dimly lit, with  guy and a big camera, along with the casting director. I was able to go in with Rowan (and brought Puppy) but had to remain quiet in the background (had for me to do!).  Ro was asked to stand on a mark on the carpet, hold up her number and be photographed.  The casting director, who was very kind and engaging/ fun began to ask Rowan about her interests.
At first Rowan was a little stiff (I was a nervous wreck and I am used to speaking in crowds etc!), but bless the director for being great with kids.  Soon Rowan gave her the sound she thinks a parasaurolophus would have made and began to loosen up.  What is your favourite dinosaur? Do you like games? Have you ever made a game (Rowan had done so just the night before)? When she asked Rowan what the checkerboard carpet reminded her of, and asked Rowan to show how she would play on it, Ro reached her comfort zone as she leapt from square to square with confidence. We didn't need our prepared bit, after all.

I think it lasted maybe 5 minutes, and we were sent on our way.  The director told us she did great and "was SO cute" and that was it.  It was fun for Rowan and very casual and positive~ not really what I expected when I thought of a tv audition for kids, but I was pleased with the staff at the company and their approach to the children and families.

That was Saturday, and we received a call yesterday afternoon to bring Rowan back for a final callback to meet the producer on Saturday. Eep!  I asked Rowan about it, and she wants to do it, so I guess we will hit the highway again and see this through.♥
Wednesday, 30 March 2011
It is always such a delight to browse through the all natural handmade toys and accessories on Etsy, especially those created by the Natural Kids Team~ because the team is devoted to creating safe, natural items that encourage imagination and are gentle to the earth.  You can find gifts and items for any reason and season by searching Naturalkids Team on Etsy.

Natural toys + Spring just seem made for each other, don't they?  And it is so easy to find many wonderful treats to fill an Easter basket.  Of course, you can start with a playsilk instead of the messy plastic 'grass'.
And from there... well, have fun!  Here are a few of my favourites for the season!♥
 1. Toffee Bunny, Handknit organic Cotton by Yarn Miracle.
2. Easter Candy, 10 Felted Acorns by Fairy Folk.
3. Easter Chick, Felted by Darialvovsky.
4. Hop On! mama & baby by Woodmouse.
5. Easter Basket filled with Gnomes by Fee Vertelaine.
6. merino Yarn Rainbow Horse by Mamma 4 Earth.
7. Mother Earth & Her Children by Driaa.
8. Tiny Felt Rabbit Family by Muddyfeet.
Tuesday, 29 March 2011
I have some Easter Eggs that need loving homes!

Starting today (March 29) and running until I run out... receive one free Easter Egg with every purchase from our Etsy shop over $25 (not including shipping).  All you need to do is to add 'EGG ME' to the 'notes to seller' at Checkout and I will add an egg to your order!
The Easter Eggs are made in the scrappy style of our Easter Scraprabbits™.They are made with hand dyed organic bamboo velour (oh-so-soft!) and machine and hand stitched.
Stuffed with wool for a 100% natural toy, safe for chewers and egg hiders alike!
Each egg is approx. 4" tall and 1" thick.
Unlike our rabbits who are endeaing in their lumpy unusualness, these eggs are just a little too lumpy!But they are perfectly soft and squishable and fun... and free!

Remember to leave the 'egg me' note at checkout! ♥
Oops!  I missed the Monday ~ so this is a Tuesday Playdate!
Everyone is welcome to link up to this post all week long with your play related posts, pics and ideas!

Thank you to thsoe who shared their own tree climbing related posts last week!♥

We live in northern Ontario (technically 'near north').  This means that in order to go to 'the city' we check the weather first, and then head out for an hour's drive either north or south. Two or three hours for a 'real' city.

So while we do not spend much time in a vehicle during the week, and can walk most every where in town, when we do go for a drive, it is a long one.

Our van is equipped with a DVD player, but the rule is that the drive must be greater than one hour and generally, the DVD player is reserved for the trip home.  The stack of books and crayons and activities suffice.  But often Rowan wants some interaction, and lacking sisters with whom to sing endless rounds of 'The Ship Titanic' in the back seat, we turn to the old standbys.

I Spy is the favourite (of Rowan)~ I am immediately depressed when she asks to play... because in Northern Ontario, for 8 months of the year, driving on the highway offers a limited palette: green (evergreens), brown (everything), grey (highway), white (clouds or snow), yellow (highway lines), blue (sky) and orange (highway consturction cones and signs). It gets old, fast.

So we get creative! (and educational, but don't tell the kids that!)
I Spy: The Letter Edition~ I Spy with things that start with a specific letter or sound (still rather limited!).
Alphabet Search~ Find all the letters of the alphabet in order, from signs, vehicles etc.
Rhyming ~ a great game for pre-readers and readers alike... one of us chooses a word and we go back and forth adding rhyming words until we are stumped, and then start again.  It is up to you whether you allow made up words (we do so less now that Rowanis over 5).
20 Questions~ the old favourite~ ask 20 yes or no questions to try and guess the thing the other person has chosen.
Alphabet Themes~ We chose a theme (ie household items) and take turns naming one for each letter of the alphabet (I do 'a', she does 'b' etc.).

And should we happen to be in Southern Ontario visiting family, we always love to play Bury Your Cows!
Each person gets one side of the road, and gets to count any and all livestock that are passed on their side (count fast for big herds!). However, should we drive past either a church or a cemetery on that side, you have to bury your cows and start over.

Tell Us About Your Favourite Travel Games or how your survive the Car Trip...

Blog about it, or any other play related topics, photos or ideas and use the link up tool below!  If this is your first playdate at BTRT, follow this link for the button and complete (but simple!) instructions for participation! Don't forget to add the button and link back ♥

Hint: Use the title of your blog post for the 'name' portion of the link up!

Monday, 28 March 2011
I feel like I need to make some ridiculous promises, like the student council elections in high school.
A vending machine in every hallway!
Freedom to wear white socks with your uniform!

But I can't!
So I am just inviting interested folks, if you like, to vote for my two items I have entered into a Boutique Challenge Group Easter Challenge...
 you just need to 'LIKE' the photo of the item on Facebook to vote.

VOTE for the Sweet Something™
VOTE for the Puddle Jumper Skirt
Thank you!♥♥
Sunday, 27 March 2011
Our children are being targeted.  They are treated, by the media and marketers, as consumers-in-training.

I have reflected a little on this in my series about advertising to kids (Part One/ Part Two).

And I wanted to share some resources for interested parents.

From Commercial Alert : Protecting Communities Against Consumerism comes a helpful article:
The Parents' Bill of Rights, Helping Mom and Dad Fight Commericialism which refers to a Parents' Bill of Rights.  The PBOR contains a number of acts geared towards protecting our children (ie commercial free television, no product placement, commercial free schools) and is in a printable format, suitable for sending to your elected reps (Americans).  The PBOR highlights some critical components, particularly the rights of parents to choose the influences on their children's lives!  Is it perfect? No, but it is a step in the right direction.

The folks at the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has many resources available, and a list of manymore like minded community organizations that we, as parents, can access for education and resources.

My personal favourite comes from the work of Raffi Cavoukian.  Yes, that Raffi~ the children's entertainer.  Raffi is passionate about 'Honouring the Child' and has established a strong Canadian presence.  You will find his vision well articulated at  You can download a free PDF of Raffi's anthology of Child Honouring, too!
In the United Church of Canada, these issues have been tackled in a series of workshops and community resources around the idea of 'empire' and Challenging Empire with resources for adults, children and worship.

This is just a starter, a primer, perhaps!  Do you have links or resources we can add?
Part One began the series by stating:
One of our parenting goals has been (and remains) to shield our daughter from the market forces that view children as consumers and exploit them ~ raising them up to be dutiful consumers, fighting for brand loyalty out of the cradle.  I know that there are guidelines and rules for marketers when targeting children, but I imagine they must chuckle with glee when they imagine their pitches... I mean, advertising to children is like shooting fish in barrel.

Because unlike us jaded adults (who are also so easily lead!), children don't have any defenses or experience.  They *trust* the message and the medium.
 Recently, while watching a little television myself, Rowan (age 5.5) came in just as a Pantene shampoo commercial came on.  The spokesperson invites the viewers to act "Girls, try this" as she grabs a hank of her own hair and feels it for dryness and brittleness. Without thought, Rowan grabbed her hair and felt it.  When the spokesperson then announces that you, the viewer, need the product, my very concerned and slightly panicked daughter turned to me and stated "Mom! I need that!".
It is just that easy.
So imagine when the commercial is directed at children.

In our foray into older children's programming as Rowan outgrows some of her preschool favourites, we have been running into this more and more.  A half hour spent on Nickolodeon was a half hour of "I want that!" "I need that!" as commercial after commercial advertised directly to my daughter: My Little Pony, Barbie, Zhu Zhu Pets, Littlest Pet Shop.  It was uncannily accurate.
And the really distrubing thing, is that in each case, the product being sold was surrounded by MORE.  More toys, more accessories, more fantastic backdrops... the Lifeguard Barbie has not only dolphins and a lifeguard chair, but friends, and a whole ocean of possibilities.  So even if you brought her home, she wouldn' be enough, because the fantasy created includes MORE.

(Edited to add: My daughter came in as I was posting this and told me the name of the set, all the accessories and "I wish I had that set because my dogs need rescuing. I want that!" and wandered away talking about it!)

And that is what is really sinsiter and insidious. That at a very early age, our children are trained to the idea that they do not have enough stuff. That they are not enough, in and of themselves.  That to be fulfilled and happy, you need MORE. And as our children grow up and out from under our sheltering wings, more and more, these are the messages they receive about themselves and the world they live in.

I don't have a solution, but I think awareness is critical, it allows us to make choices and to counter the prevailing messages.  I know that we have decided to record any shows from channels with commercials, so that we may skip or discuss them as we choose when viewing.

What do you think? Do you take measures at your home to counteract the commercialism? Maybe you simply turn off the tv? Share!
Friday, 25 March 2011
This mandala was created for my friend Maria,  to remember her daughter Lucy.  With spring upon us and the feel of new life and renewal in the air, I thought I would offer it for you to colour (or your little ones!).

The mandala is an ancient way of representing the cosmos through art. Used across faiths as a tool for centering on the divine, engaging one's self-conscious, drawing prayer, or focus for meditation,  the mandala invites encounter.

This mandala is created entirely from birds and natural images, piece by piece. It is entitled 'Fly Away'.
You are welcome to print and colour and share as many as you like, but please no commercial use.
Credit to the designer (me :))is always welcome if you do share!

You can click on the image and then right click 'copy image' and print, or drop into your editing program and resize as needed.

Thursday, 24 March 2011
Congratulations to SOLDUCKY!

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This week, BTRT is pleased to welcome Sam, of My Beautiful Girl, as our giveaway guest and featured artisan!  At MBG you will find all manners of fun, useful and stylish items for moms, kids and the home.
I asked Sam about her business' beginnings:  My business began 5 years ago as I was pregnant with my first daughter.  I was discovering the NEW world of cloth diapers and loving it.  I was busy shopping for all the fun accessories, but finding the "perfect" wetbag wasn't happening.  I have sewn for many many years and just thought...why don't I make my own?!  That is where it all began.  My vision today is much much broader.  I look ahead to where my business will be 5 years from now and have seen a constant evolution.  Its fun!
 And what inspires her right nowAnything funky and euro!  I am loving fun combinations of stripes, polka dots, prints and tons of embroidery!  I also love all the spring and summer looks and citrusy colors.  There aren't enough hours in the day to sew all the things I want to make.
A perfect day with family: The perfect family day for us would be taking our camper and toys (bikes, 4-wheelers, etc) and going up into the mountains for a long weekend!  No phones, no computers.  Smores on the campfire, kids playing in the river...bliss!

The Giveaway
Surprise shirt!  Your choice of girl or boy and custom size newborn up to youth 12.  I will ask you a few questions about your child and their likes and dislikes and I will create a surprise shirt to help you celebrate the warm summer months!
Simply leave a comment on this post
(and a way to contact you, either through your blogger ID, email, or other):: 

To qualify your comment must include a note about  

your favourite design in the My Beautiful Girl Gallery 
The winners will be randomly drawn from qualifying entries on Monday, March 28, at 10 PM est.
This giveaway is open to anyone (anywhere).
Tuesday, 22 March 2011
That is Rowan's order.
Two sisters, please.
Named Rose and Moose.

Well, maybe not.
But maybe so (except for the named 'Moose' bit).

We are working towards adopting.
Given the time frames and many unknowns, we don't say much about it yet, other than to acknowledge it is 'in our plans'.  Perhaps this reticence goes back to our first adoption experience.

When Rowan was 18 months old we completed a home study and were in the queue to adopt through an American agency (in a southern state)~ we are in Canada.  At the time (2007) the Hague Convention was just coming into full effect in the USA and we were expecting (on good authority) to be 'grandfathered' in (changes under the Hague included not being able to process international adoptions through an agency or third party).  there were more babies due than families to adopt them in the month of September when the agency called to tell us that the State Department closed up all their Canadian files.  So here we sat, ready and waiting for a newborn child~ immigration papers in hand and we were out in the cold. End of story.

And that took a lot of getting over, really. 
Adoption itself had always been a welcome possibility for us.  Having struggled with infertility issues and an incredibly difficult pregnancy, and now living in a more remote (to services) area, pregnancy didn't make a lot of sense. But the home study process, the soul searching and boundary setting was heart rending at times~ we literally had to go through pages upon pages of health issues and social history possiblities and put down in black and white a yes or no to a legion of  choices.  Alcohol use in pregnancy? Family history of schizophrenia? Club foot? Cleft Palette? Child of rape?

And that is incredibly difficult, leaving you feeling wrung out and like a horrible human being because you have had to say no to some children, who deserve to be loved, based on facts beyond their control (and what would you do if it were your biological child where such choices are not available?).  In the end we settled on a profile that matched our own family history, risks and so on, while also considering what we could afford (a premature child needing heart surgery in a US hospital while we sit up North in Canada? Not possible.).

Ready and waiting for a phone call... only to receive a call that our file was closed, permanently.

It has taken several years to come back around to the idea.
We have tested our will and explored our sense that our family is not yet complete.
We have talked and prayed and decided that this is true, we are not yet complete.
And so we made that great big scary leap into the public adoption process (through the Children's Aid Society~ adopting a Crown Ward/ ward of the state).  I say 'big and scary' because no matter which way you slice it, your child will have come through the foster care system, whether at its worst or best.  Unlike an open private adoption, where a mother has chosen adoption for her child, in most public cases, the children have been apprehended from families unable to care for them.  So along with the grief of losing their birth family, no matter their age, comes the potential of a traumatic, even abusive history.
In Ontario, all applicants are required to take the PRIDE training (30 hours).  We went into this earlier this year with apprehension, but came out fully committed to this course~ there are children who need parents and we are parents who need children, who want them and have love, patience and a safe place to give.  We know our limits and our resources.  We know where we can go for help. It won't be easy.   We know that.  But when is parenting ever easy?

So at this point we have been given the hopeful indication that our Home Study will be completed in the next few months (vs. first indications that the backed up system would take 1-2 years). And then we are good to go!  Our hope (knowing that sometimes God has other plans than what we have decided!) would be to adopt 1 or 2 children (siblings) younger than Rowan, preferably preschool aged to allow for bonding time before the leap into school.  For bonding across age and genetic differences, we really do hope for a daughter or two, but again, we are open to what the universe has in store!

So that catches you up (I know, you didn't ask!).  I just thought I would share, so that as this becomes a more prominent part of our lives, we can continue to share our journey! ♥
Monday, 21 March 2011
It is Monday, which means it is time for a fresh Playdate!
Everyone is welcome to link up to this post all week long with your play related posts, pics and ideas!

Last week, reader and blogger 'Chocolate Eyes' joined in with her boys' incredibly imaginative love affair with a set of clothespins ♥.

This past Saturday, my daughter and a friend went outside to play.  As spring begins to tease us with warmer days, my daughter is itching to play outside more often and longer.

Our challenge at home is having the main street and a major highway in front of us (and railway tracks) and a lake behind us, as well as lower rent cottages beside us with a transient summer population~ which does not add up to safe independent play for a young child outdoors in our yard!   Thankfully our Sheltie, Archie, is absolutely devoted to watching 'his girl' and is a brilliant 'alarm barker'~ no one, friend or foe is going to even walk by our house without Archie raising the alarm loud and long.

With a friend to join in, and Archie to mind them, the two girls were given the new opportunity to play outside on their own (with me watching from the back window ;) ).

And they found a climbing tree.

You would have thought they discovered a cure for the common cold. I was that excited.
They spent a (cold!) hour exploring the tree and immersed in play.
I think there is something about climbing a tree that is essential for childhood and good for the soul.

It reminded me of many. many hours spent with my sisters in the big oak tree in my grandfather's front yard.
Up in our shaded bower no one could see us, while we could look down on the world.
The challenge of making our way into the tree was a satisfying stretch of muscle and exertion of will that left us feeling confident and strong. We had started climbing the cherry tree and worked our way up to mastering the oak.
We rigged up ways to eat our lunch in the tree (and we lost a lot of drinks this way!) and put the younger siblings to work fetching us odd assortments of items that we could pull up with our makeshift pulley system.

I can still feel the scrape of bark on skin and the sureness of the thick branches under tanned bare feet.
I think my lifelong love of trees must have began during those summer days.
To see my daughter climb her first tree and hear the eagerness in her voice as she awaits her own long summer days of play filled me with delight!

Tell Us About Your Favourite Tree, or Your Child's Tree Climbing Adventures...

Blog about it, or any other play related topics, photos or ideas and use the link up tool below!  If this is your first playdate at BTRT, follow this link for the button and complete (but simple!) instructions for participation! Don't forget to add the button and link back ♥

Hint: Use the title of your blog post for the 'name' portion of the link up!

In Waldorf education, each day of the week has an associated colour, planet and grain.

It is so much fun to feature handmade, natural items that would be wonderful to help mark the rhythm of the week at home with your little ones.  And it is easy to do with the trove of treasures to be found on Etsy, that have been made by the busy hands of Etsy's Natural Kids Team (search: naturalkids team).

Monday is violet...  just like the brave crocuses of spring!

1) Lydia Purpuraria, Patron Saint of Dyers (Alkelda)
2) Trio of Wee Pocket Babies (German Dolls)
3) Sea Lavender, hand painted wool top (Chimera)
4) Wool Felted Tropical Snail toy (Eve's Little Earthlings)
5) Needlefelted Wool Fairy (Darialvovsky)
6) Knit Cotton hat Purplicious Cupcake (Boston Beanies)
7) Small Wool Interlock Longies + Tee (Wild Child Woolies)
8) Organic Spinny Skirt (hand full)
Sunday, 20 March 2011
What a delight it is to see through a child's eyes.
I am no expert in fine art, but I appreciate the skill and beauty and history of the works.
I'd like to know more, learn more.
And I am grateful for my child for learning with me (and teaching me!).

We have several books from a series entitled Come Look With Me: Enjoying Art With Children. I highly recommend them for the grownups, too! There are a number of titles (ie Play, Landscape, Children, Animals, various cultures and historical periods) to snag your curiousity and your child's interests.
When the spirit moves, we take some time to sit together and open the books and find a work of art to explore.  Each piece has questions to help the reader/ viewer delve into the work, as well as a bit of history about the artist and the particular piece.

We looked at three pieces today.
The first was 'The Horse Fair' by Rosa Bonheur (1853-1855).
bonheur, rosa, horse fair, art, oil painting, teaching children
Aside from the allure of so many incredibly rendered animals, Rowan was particularly engaged with the bit of history about the author: that in order to observe the horse fairs of the day, she had to request permission from the police to dress as a man!

As I had just finished dyeing a 'Starry Night' playsilk (I love to use the palettes of great works to inspire my dyeing!), we explored Van Gogh's iconic work~ Rowan immediately noted the movement of the wind through the piece (which I admit to never seeing!) and the whole time we discussed it, her fingers ran over the swirls in the sky, eventually mimicking Van Gogh's staccato strokes.  It was a fascinating experience, leading Ro to ask to do some painting of her own.
playsilk, natural toy, handmade, dyed, silk, silkies, children, art, van gogh , starry night
 Her own artwork was inspired by this E.M. Escher woodblock 'Day & Night' (1938), particularly the way the birds flow in and out of one another.
When she completed her two pieces, Rowan turned them over and signed them and added a question to each one, about the artist and the painting, and she also noted that each was 'doen in watr paent'.♥
Have you got any suggestions for exploring art and artwork? Any books or ideas? Please add them to the comments!
Saturday, 19 March 2011
Rowan *loves* her twirly skirts.
She wears them several days a week, which has been a challenge with snow pants all winter (getting it all tucked in). Thankfully her teacher is a kind soul who doesn't mind helping her out at school and her snowpants are roomy!

But with the beginnings of spring starting peek out here and there (we saw *grass*) and the realization that one cannot stomp in deep puddles without drenching a longer skirt.... the Puddle Jumper™ was required (and new rubber boots for growing feet!).

Besides, I was itching to make something fresh and new, too!

The Puddle Jumper is a knee length skirt with an apron *and* a pocket (which in five year old world is the height of awesome, so I am told). Plenty of fullness to allow room to grow!

To give you an idea of range in the sizing (meaning they last several years), Rowan is wearing a 3T (pink with cupcakes), a  6T (Merry Mushrooms), and a 4T (Central Park fabric)... while she is a 5T by her measurements.

Instock and custom skirts available in our Etsy shop..
Friday, 18 March 2011
Congratulations to Amber!
She said: So many great choices, it really was had to choose. I think that I want the reader t-shirt. I come from a family of readers and hope to one day make a family of readers.

We are considering applications for our weekly handmade giveaways.
Send us a note and we'll give you the details!
  This week's giveaway comes from in house... Daydream Believers is the little sister to Beneath the Rowan Tree.  DDB puts our passion for the possibility within each of our children into words ~ positive labels for building up our kids!
All of our designs are available in affordable and durable cotton, as well as a very lovely and soft organic bamboo/ cotton blend.  We have tees for the parents, too.  Every shirt is printed in our brick and mortar print shop here in our town.  We use direct to garment printing which injects the ink right into the fibers (as opposed to surface finishes like screenprinting which float on the shirt) for a design that will remain sharp and clear despite the wear and tear of childhood!

Daydreams Believers is so close to my heart.  I find myself simply wanting to wrap every kid I know in a tshirt that suits their personality~ be they confident, persistent, courageous, curious... and every one of them loved.  Because every kid should know that they are valued and that who they are makes them sacred and wonderful.
This giveaway is for ONE child's tshirt (100% cotton) 
in the size, colour and design of your choice.
You can view full options on any of our Etsy listings.

Simply leave a comment on this post
(and a way to contact you, either through your blogger ID, email, or other):: 
To qualify your comment must include a note about  
your favourite design from DDB 
The winners will be randomly drawn from qualifying entries on Thursday, March 24, at 10 PM est.
This giveaway is open to anyone (anywhere).
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