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Sunday, 20 March 2011
What a delight it is to see through a child's eyes.
I am no expert in fine art, but I appreciate the skill and beauty and history of the works.
I'd like to know more, learn more.
And I am grateful for my child for learning with me (and teaching me!).

We have several books from a series entitled Come Look With Me: Enjoying Art With Children. I highly recommend them for the grownups, too! There are a number of titles (ie Play, Landscape, Children, Animals, various cultures and historical periods) to snag your curiousity and your child's interests.
When the spirit moves, we take some time to sit together and open the books and find a work of art to explore.  Each piece has questions to help the reader/ viewer delve into the work, as well as a bit of history about the artist and the particular piece.

We looked at three pieces today.
The first was 'The Horse Fair' by Rosa Bonheur (1853-1855).
bonheur, rosa, horse fair, art, oil painting, teaching children
Aside from the allure of so many incredibly rendered animals, Rowan was particularly engaged with the bit of history about the author: that in order to observe the horse fairs of the day, she had to request permission from the police to dress as a man!

As I had just finished dyeing a 'Starry Night' playsilk (I love to use the palettes of great works to inspire my dyeing!), we explored Van Gogh's iconic work~ Rowan immediately noted the movement of the wind through the piece (which I admit to never seeing!) and the whole time we discussed it, her fingers ran over the swirls in the sky, eventually mimicking Van Gogh's staccato strokes.  It was a fascinating experience, leading Ro to ask to do some painting of her own.
playsilk, natural toy, handmade, dyed, silk, silkies, children, art, van gogh , starry night
 Her own artwork was inspired by this E.M. Escher woodblock 'Day & Night' (1938), particularly the way the birds flow in and out of one another.
When she completed her two pieces, Rowan turned them over and signed them and added a question to each one, about the artist and the painting, and she also noted that each was 'doen in watr paent'.♥
Have you got any suggestions for exploring art and artwork? Any books or ideas? Please add them to the comments!


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