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Sunday, 13 March 2011
Rowan loves to throw a party.
Usually, it is Puppy's birthday, but sometimes, some other season or reason captures her fancy.
She doesn't need perfect timing or the house to be in perfect party condition.
She just needs the slightest reason to celebrate.
Today it was a party for Daddy.

Yes, her face is dirty... it was that kind of day~ one when I don't have the fight in me to do battle over the small stuff!
She spent all afternoon preparing.
Andy was barred from several parts of the house.
She planned and created. She wrapped and set up.
All by herself.
5:00 was the apponted hour.

At 5:00, she had a little panic! Decorations!
The basket of silks (as always) fit the bill.
Then she lead us into the party.
And what a party!

She had tuned the television to 'Jukebox Oldies' and we paraded in to 'Oh Lonesome Me' {?!~ she has unusual tastes, that is for sure~ I had to dissuade her from renting 'Megashark vs. Crocosaurus' yesterday afternoon...).
Everything was draped in silk and there were multiple stations: reading, Lego, puzzles, colouring, dinosaurs... and a play, to be performed by the oddball collection of yard sale ponies and dinos (along with lots of wooden critters, Ro has a collection of misfit animals!).

Things were kicked off with a Lego building contest between Daddy and Daughter (daughter being the judge!)~hampered time and again by Murray the Papillon stealing sections of Rowan's creation. 

Murray is fitting right in (and yes, he *is* wearing pants ~ he likes to make his mark). Embarrassing, yes?!

And Archie is always up for a party, so long as he gets to be the bouncer.

(Rowan's 'brothers' were important guests, although they annoyed her with their wrestling and Lego thieving.  Mr. Handsome up top and Mr. 3.9 lbs. of Personality below! We are still adjusting to living with a teeny tiny dog~ Archie is a 40 lb bag of cement compared to the wee one.)

Then came the presents (a child made bird and board game) hidden in layers of green painter's masking tape.
And the colouring.
And dinner! The hostess chose tomato soup.

The evening wound down with the reading 'contest'~ done in bed (with the remaining activties to continue tomorrow), capped off by the hostess reading, all by herself (with the exception of 'paediatrician'), Pinkalicious to her proud parents.

As we celebrated the 'Everything Party', I felt a twinge or two of guilt that our Christmas Tree is still up (which mortifies me mostly because I know what my mother would say!) or that the room didn't look perfect for photos. 

But then I looked at my family~ happy, together, healthy and having fun. 
And thought, 'Celebrate anyway!'. Every day is a reason to celebrate.
(Besides if I waited for the tree to be down ~ I am strongly considering an 'every season tree!'~ and the house to be perfect we would be waiting a very. long. time.).
And this is why I am so grateful to the force of nature which is my 5.5 year old daughter who lead us to an Everything Party and reminds us of just how blessed we are, just as we are. ♥♥


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