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Saturday, 19 March 2011
Rowan *loves* her twirly skirts.
She wears them several days a week, which has been a challenge with snow pants all winter (getting it all tucked in). Thankfully her teacher is a kind soul who doesn't mind helping her out at school and her snowpants are roomy!

But with the beginnings of spring starting peek out here and there (we saw *grass*) and the realization that one cannot stomp in deep puddles without drenching a longer skirt.... the Puddle Jumper™ was required (and new rubber boots for growing feet!).

Besides, I was itching to make something fresh and new, too!

The Puddle Jumper is a knee length skirt with an apron *and* a pocket (which in five year old world is the height of awesome, so I am told). Plenty of fullness to allow room to grow!

To give you an idea of range in the sizing (meaning they last several years), Rowan is wearing a 3T (pink with cupcakes), a  6T (Merry Mushrooms), and a 4T (Central Park fabric)... while she is a 5T by her measurements.

Instock and custom skirts available in our Etsy shop..
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