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Tuesday, 15 March 2011
I didn't mean to, really.
OK, yes, I did mean to at the time.
But what was meant to be a temporary thing has now lasted over 3 years!

I was just looking for an old post and came across a post about the gnome who would become 'Nipsy'.

That is, the gnome I dug out of my seasonal neighbour's snow bank, brought in to the house, washed and touched up (look at those bright blue eyes!) with every intention of returning him that spring.

But he is still here!
I just went down and checked, and sure enough, there he sits in our basement, all bright eyed and faded.
They say that hoarders develop 'clutter blindness'.
Clearly, I have had a 3 year long bout of gnome blindness.

I suppose I will have to wait for the snow to melt this spring and return him to his place among the irises and day lilies.  Three years ago we imagined our neighbour's shock when he returned for the summer and found his old forgotten gnome looking clean and perky.  Imagine how the old fellow will feel when he arrives this spring to his gnome come home after a three year absence?!

Whew. Confession is good for the soul! ♥


S said...

Ha! wonderful. Pity you don't have a host of photographs detailing a fabulous holiday over teh past few years.

kerstin said...

Oh that's so funny! I think he should arrive with a little friend to make it all the more mysterious....what HAS he been up to all that time!?

Jenny said...

Ha ha! What a cute idea! And it looks like a really fun painting project, too.

Unknown said...

You're right! He should have photos and a wife LOL
However I am not sure my neighbour would appreciate our sense of humour (a rather cranky old fellow who sort of slouches around all day~ you can be playing right beside him and not know he is there... not creepy, just very inward sort of guy in his 80s)

MamaWestWind said...

Lol! Great story!

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