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Thursday, 3 March 2011
As I posted on the weekend, our family made the sad decision to let our sweet Hoolie go back to the breeder.  I also alluded to a trade. And that trade is sitting on my shoulder as I type. Yes, on my shoulder.

His name is Murray and he is a Papillon.
All 3.9 lbs. of him. Yes, the decimal is in the right place.
He is 10% of the dog that Hooligan is and I think we love him.

Our breeder breeds Briitanys and Papillons ~ so when she offered to trade us a 6 month old male Pap for Hoolie (as a better fit for this time in our life) it seemed fated.  After all, the day we picked up Hooligan last August was the day Murray was born... we just took the wrong one home.

Murray has introduced me to a whole new world.  I grew up with Bouviers and Dobermans, Springers and Shepherds. I have lived my adult life with sporting dogs (and one Irish Wolfhound cross).  When Archie joined our family 2 years ago, I thought he was too small (Sheltie). And here I sit with not even four pounds of puppy.

When I went to the supply store to find some appropriate items for a toy breed, I was almost in tears with confusion.  I have a collection of dog paraphrenalia for the 40 lb. plus crowd ~ collars and crates and pens and leashes and toys... I stood in that store gobsmacked, unable to wrap my head around what one does with 4 lbs. of dog.

Apparently one makes sure to never step on it. And takes it outside repeatedly to no avail because it is too cold and the 4 lbs. has to stand on its back legs like a gopher and dancing like a ballerina to express its coldness. And dresses it.  I made Murray his first sweater from the sleeve of one of my recycled wool sweater stash sweaters.
Note his size re. the 1" squares on the cutting mat!

And cuddle. Boy, this baby was bred to cuddle.

The moment he came through our door he climbed into Rowan's lap and has stayed there ever since.
Rowan is over the moon.  Murray fits her perfectly and he adores her~ and watching Rowan wreathed in smiles and reading book after book to her new pup melts my heart and I know we have made the right decision.

Hooligan is having a ball and doing well, I miss him the most, I think, because I have lived with crazy Britts for 13 years, but I think I can get used to Murray, too, all curled up and asleep on my shoulder as I type.♥


June said...

GREAT post. It made me a little misty. So glad Murray is working out so well for you!

Unknown said...

Thanks :)

tinsenpup said...

Oh my goodness, so tiny! I'm glad you found the right dog for you. What a sweetie!

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