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Monday, 7 March 2011
It is Monday, which means it is time for a fresh Playdate!
Everyone is welcome to link up to this post all week long with your play related posts, pics and ideas!
Many thanks to last week's participants!

 Each week, I will feature one of our playdate folks and wax poetic about something play related that might inspire you to blog in response or to a similar theme~ but you don't have to, any and all play posts are welcome to link up.

Julie at Creekside Learning shared her brilliant post about celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday last Wednesday with a Wacky Wednesday of their own. I admire her forethought and creativity and I bet the kids had a blast!

As we are traditional schoolers here (by circumstance more than choice!) our time for themed fun is limited by the schedule of school, but we do try and build in theme nights and activities as we are able.

There is always Pajama DayAs often as possible, and for as long as possible, we reserve Saturday for Pajama Day around here.  Rowan stays in her jammies (or changes to a new pair if we go out and return home) and has as much free play as possible.  I find that with school everyday and an early bedtime, she really needs this day to decopmress and stretch her imaginative muscles.  Choosing to stay in jammies reminds me to limit the expectations for that day and build in extra time together.

Then there is the celebration of Puppy's Birthday.  It happens a LOT.  And every time we must: make cards, find a present, bake something and have a special dinner.  We roll with it. After all, as an only child, and living far from family, we don't have a big round of family parties to attend, so celebrating for Puppy umpteen times fills a need for us all. And we love the little guy.

One day that we have planned, but have yet to institute (you'll understand why) is 'Rowan's Rules Day' ~ a day in which Rowan well, makes all the rules and decisions.  Maybe during March Break?

What rituals or themes enlarge your play in your family?  
Blog about it, or any other play related topics, photos or ideas and use the link up tool below!  If this is your first playdate at BTRT, follow this link for the button and complete (but simple!) instructions for participation! Don't forget to add the button and link back ♥

Hint: Use the title of your blog post for the 'name' portion of the link up!


Jenny said...

Special days sound fun! We sort of do pajama day around here, but it's more like we just spend one of my husband's days off at home and don't get dressed or go anywhere. We're going to homeschool so we'll have plenty of opportunities to do this, I just need to think of some good themes.

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