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Monday, 14 March 2011
It is Monday, which means it is time for a fresh Playdate!
Everyone is welcome to link up to this post all week long with your play related posts, pics and ideas!

Many thanks to last week's participants!
Babyfingers & Beccijo ~ of play tents and the importance of play over bee-like industriousness.

Someone this week asked me if I was disappointed by the response to this meme~ sure I dream of lots of links and people sharing and playing together, but then again, I am a preacher.
I am used to not having immediate response to what I say! And hope springs eternal.
So if you are holding out on us, join in! 

This week is our Spring Break.  I know for homeschoolers and unschoolers this may not change your routines one bit, but for us (and for me as a working mom) Spring Break is a significant break in our routines.
This afternoon we are attending our church's Prayer Shawl group (and Rowan will do some finger knitting).

We also have plans to to skate each afternoon with friends and to do some spring cleaning of our play and art area.

Spring Break around here also reminds us of the anticipated spring break-UP of the lake ice~ our surest sign that spring is on its way.  I always love the break up days~ watching the ice thin out in the warming sun, and finally break apart, releasing cold air with a very particular feel and even scent as the water is freed from its winter bonds.  As our lake is land locked, the remaining ice chases about the surface with the strong spring winds until it is gone (and hopefully not shearing off too much shoreline with its force!).

And break up means exploring the outdoors again! And playing in the mud! Hooray!

What does Spring Break mean for your play time?

Blog about it, or any other play related topics, photos or ideas and use the link up tool below!  If this is your first playdate at BTRT, follow this link for the button and complete (but simple!) instructions for participation! Don't forget to add the button and link back ♥

Hint: Use the title of your blog post for the 'name' portion of the link up!


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