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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Friday, 1 April 2011
Beneath the Rowan Tree isn't the shortest shop name out there.
But I like it. It fits. It grows and lives with us.
We do actually have a lovely rowan  (mountain ash for us North American types) down by the lake, and so sometimes we are, truly, beneath the rowan tree.
The images in this post are of our tree.

And since we have so many new readers, I thought I would share the roots of the name...

Of course, there is our daughter Rowan~ named for the tree, which was my grandmother's favourite (a fact unknown to me until Rowan was 3!), and is a tree of power and protection in many cultures.  It is also the name of the little girl in The Wicker Man, and Andy is a fan of weird movies. So we both win.

Back 4 years ago when I found Etsy and thought about opening a shop, I googled about and hit upon a (very maudlin/ romantic/ sad) Canadian poem entitled 'The Rowan Tree' by Isabella Crawford Valancy (1850-1887):

O WHEN the bonnie moon is fair,
An' clear the loch like siller spread,
An' heather-sweet the gloamin' air,
An' like a star thy flaxen head,
Why dost thou, Mary, make thy maen,
An' lean thy white brow on thy knee?
Why drop thy tears on heath an' stane,
Beneath the wavin' rowan tree?

There was a time when up the brae
Thy foot, licht as the roebuck's, sprang;
Thy bonnie een ne'er turned away,
Thy voice a gleesome welcome rang.
Thy lily hands why dost thou wring,
Nor turn to smile an' gaze on me,
When straight as lavrock's skyward wing
I seek the wavin' rowan tree?

There you have it. A wee taste, anyway, and that is probably enough to have you wiping a tear or twa from yer bonnie een, no?♥


mom2girls said...

Rowan Trees are mentioned in our favorite series of books The Moomins - they are brilliant kids books :)
Love her name as well - very pretty!

Unknown said...

I'll have to take a peek at the books :)

Dreaming Monet said...

my mom planted a rowan tree in her back yard. it is a very special tree, and it growing there helps us feel closer to our (part-) scottish roots! :-)

My Life Under the Bus said...

So funny I just did a post about my name which has nothing to do with jewelry! People are constantly asking me where in the world it came from - you have a much more romantic story!

Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

LOL i don't know if it is more romantic, but yours is awesome!

Deborah, we feel the same way :)
'Rowan Campbell' has, as one old fellow used to say 'some oatmeal on it'

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