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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
This feature is one of my favourites... literally... I take a whirl through the shops that have marked mine as a favourite on Etsy and make a discovery of a wonderful shop to feature.  This time, I will admit to finding the shop less by random swirling and more by mutual shopping!

Serena Wilson Stubson's shop 'Heavens Earth' has been in *my* favourites for some time now.
Blending paper, paint, colour and vision, Serena creates engaging and delightful art with intriguing layers and textures. And birds, circles, flowers, houses and trees~ some of my favourite motifs!
Orange Bird Love Song
Serena lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is the mother of one little fellow, with a daughter on the way. A daughter namd Poppy *swoon* I knew I loved this woman, the name rocks, no?
3 orange, 2 green, 3 blue flowers
The image above is part of an original painting featured on the front cover of the May/ June 2010 Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine. You can check out Serena's shop and read more about her work as a mixed media artist (and a mom) on her blog "what a sweet life ♥"
yellow house 8
As cool as Serena's artwork is, you will be delighted to find out that you can wear it, too!  Throughout her shop you will find brooches, pendants and other incarnations of her work. You really must take a peek ♥
Enjoy ♥!


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