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Friday, 8 April 2011
This is what my daughter told me yesterday afternoon when we visited a local maple sugar producer (mmm! more on this later!) and arrived to find a lot of mud...
A little ironic considering my recent Princess Proofing post.
Even more ironic, given the evidence below.
OK,  to be fair. That is more puddle than mud.
OK. That looks like mud. But it can't be (girls don't like mud).
Oh dear. Girl. Mud. Much liking.
Pure delight!
She had a blast~ and when she finished (covered in mud, having done a much expected header) the best she could muster is that "girls aren't supposed to like mud".
"Really?" was all I said. ♥♥


Dreaming Monet said...

she is such a cutie. you can just see the elation in these pics... she definitely likes mud! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love this post! My little ones love mud puddles too!

Lauren Wayne said...

That is so funny. I love her wholehearted enthusiasm, despite what her mind was telling her. What she said sounds exactly what my three-year-old son has lately been saying about the differences between boys and girls. I love to contradict him ("Well, I'm a girl, and I love blue, and your dad's a boy, and he likes pink") just to see his mind explode. ;) I guess categorizing people comes early — I'm only glad your daughter isn't letting it get in the way of enjoying herself.

Unknown said...

She does love it.
I do too :)
Lauren~ I am glad I am not the only one who plays evil mind games LOL

Unknown said...

What a lovely post! You can tell your wonderful daughter that this former girl (now a 31-y.o. with a little girl of my own), has very fond memories of her mud pie stand in the backyard as a child - 25 cents I believe they cost. Mud rules!

Suzie said...

Nothing like a good puddle!

Kelly said...

I should also add that we haven't had a whole lot of mud here this spring, but my kids (3 and 1) have been really into the sidewalk chalk. The older one actually drawing with it and the younger one eating it :) So, they are not dirty from mud, but there's been some pretty chalky faces, hands, and clothes.

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