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Thursday, 7 April 2011
I once heard it noted that everyone is a snob about something.
Maybe it is coffee.
Or tea (clear, not 'black', please).
Or the rules of Scrabble. Or Candyland.
Or shoes. Or schools. Or cars.
Or spelling.
...Come on... you know there is something in life that you hold to a very high standard and accept only that standard whenever possible (and complaining about it when not possible?).

I'm a dog snob. Absolutely, and proud of it.
I will pay for quality dog flesh.
A cat? I will only pay the shelter.
I have been known to say, on more than one occassion, the following:
"No, an  *insert designer dog 'breed'*(Goldendoodle, Schnappipoo, Pekeapom et al.) is NOT  breed.  It is an overpriced mutt. Certainly a lovely pet, but not a breed."
"Hybrid vigor requires an actually hybrid breeding and is only valid for one generation.  Two breeds together do not make a hybrid. Even wolves are considered the same a canis familiaris now."
OR "I don't shop at stores that sell pets".
I have very particular ideas about what consititutes a good breeder.
And a good dog.
Obnoxious, isn't it?!

That said, I also pay my dues.
I established two national breed rescue programs and ran one of them (pre-child), rescuing and re-homing multiple dogs, including raising abandoned litters of pups. I still support shelters whenever I can.

But speculate on what sort of a 'mix' my little Murray might be? And you just might get a history lesson on the Epagneul nain Continental (Papillon in North America) and be informed that Marie Antoinette gave the breed the name 'Papillon' and is reputed to have carried her favourite Papillon to the guillotine for her execution. The family of Louis XIV is pictured below with, yes, a Papillon in the foreground.
(and no, a Sheltie is *not* a 'miniature Collie').
Absoultely insufferable, I know. 

That said, I found out this past weekend that I am raising a twirl skirt snob.
Oh yes, I have often lamented at the trend for calling every little girl's skirt a 'twirl skirt', when in fact, two pieces of fabric seamed at the sides and hemmed (a style we enjoy!) will not twirl.  Now, 15 FEET of hem, built onto growing tiers will twirl.

But last weekend, while doing her callback audition for a kid's show, the producer commented on how much she liked Rowan's skirt (like our 'Puddle Jumper' style below) and could she twirl?
Rowan looked at her funny and said, "No."
The producer was taken aback and confused.
What little girl couldn't/ wouldn't twirl?
"This is not a twirly skirt," Ro clarified, which didn't help much.

However, she was right. It wasn't really a twirl skirt!

So now you know our snobbish little secrets (and which topics to avoid!), let's hear yours!
What are you a snob about, it's ok, you can admit it, we won't judge you.
After all, no one here is a snob about snobs, right? ♥♥


Alessandra @ Tribal Times said...

Hahaha! I so enjoyed this post! Oh to have a twirly skirt in my size!

Annette said...

I am a tissue snob!! It's only Puffs plus with lotion for my nose!

Great post!

Kristina said...

I love this post. I know I'm a snob about something, but I'll have to think some more. I think most of my issues are more obsessive or compulsive than snobbish. I call myself a yarn snob and a chocolate snob, but it doesn't mean I don't have/use some of the not-so-nice stuff. lol.

Rachel // Maybe Matilda said...

Haha! That is too funny--I also loved twirl skirts when I was little. Is it okay to be a snob about a lot of things? I think I might be . . . I should probably stop. I'm a book snob, spelling snob, humor snob . . . yikes, I should unsnobbify a bit :-)

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Wild Violets Art said...

Strangely enough I'm a snob about toothpaste :) My boyfriend pointed it out to me, ha! But seriously, nothing compares to Crest 3D Vivid. NOTHING. Aquafresh & Colgate got nothin' on Crest!

Unknown said...

LOL I love it!
I think as long as we don't use our snobbery to put down others... "Ewww. Your breath smells like Sensodyne... grody!" ;)
I will only use a gel toothpaste, by the way.

Dreaming Monet said...

too cute about the twirly skirt snob... i love it.

i am a snob about SO MANY THINGS. and yet i am not snobby, if that makes sense. my snobbiness centers around food, body care products, music / art / literature... don't make me go on!

emma said...

but that makes complete sense - why would the skirt with the minimum amount of twirl be a "twirly skirt" when she has so many with true twirl capability :) LOVE your handiwork - you are a skirt artist :)

Suzie said...

I can imagine how a lucky little girl like Rowan can learn to be picky about her style and toys. :)

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