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Thursday, 21 April 2011
As is in HOLY COW, what a week.
Not to be sacreligious~ just a crazy week, so I thought I would pop in and wave and promise to be back blogging up a storm in a few days. in the meantime, I'll let a little of the crazy show...

As a minister, this is a busy week, and a powerful week, and a meaningful one.  And a busy one, yes.  And in the midst, we are marking the passing of a 97 year old community saint and beloved educator. 

And I spent last evening in emergency with my daughter who required stitches to close the gap in her chin created when face met swimming lesson changeroom floor. And... and....

I am happy to say I had a chat with the Easter Bunny and he has agreed to visit our house on Monday. Glorious, free (so far) Monday.

And excited to say that our social worker is coming in two weeks to begin our adoption home study!

And now I must run and celebrate Communion at our Holy Thursday service (and hope that the freezing from the filling I had today leaves in the next 30 minutes or it is going to be a drooly service!).
And then listen to a little Jesus Christ Superstar, one of my personal traditions...
and sleep. Sleep is good. Eat first, then sleep.

And I wish everyone a healthy, happy and joyous Easter as we give thanks for all things made new!♥


MamaWestWind said...

How exciting your home study is starting! Hope your Dd is feeling better. Yikes and ouch! Glad to hear the Easter bunny has made an exception for you!

Suzie said...

Holy week must be hectic for a minister. I love Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

Dreaming Monet said...

wow, how wonderful the home study is coming up!

wishing you a lovely holiday.

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