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Tuesday, 26 April 2011
Welcome to the Playdate!
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Spring is trying to arrive, here in Northern Ontario~ which generally means a mix of rain and snow, sunshine and cold winds.  But hearty souls that we are, we take advantage of every spare moment for the rites of passage belonging to this season.

And one of those is the bicycle. Tricycle. Big Wheel. Wagon. Whatever has wheels...

There is an exhilaration that comes with the feel of speeding off under your own power (or that of a parent who knows the thrill and provides the power for the younger child!).  I remember well the joy of motion and confidence that come with riding one's bike~ it is a sense of our own determination and strength, moving as one with the bicycle over terrain we had to walk across all winter long.  And the particular elation of mastering the 'big bike' and all the independence that goes with it.

Watching my daughter learn her way around a much bigger bike this year (and much heavier) has been exciting.  Practicing the best grip on the handlebars for walking it, learning to let go of it should it fall to avoid painful entanglements.  

And helping her work towards the lofty goal of 'no more training wheels' brings back the muscle memory of what it takes to ride a bike.  The need to place your foot on the high pedal and push with the other foot to gain momentum. The delicate adjustments of the handlebars while in motion to restire balance. The lean of the turn. It is all in the body... just as they say 'it is just like riding a bike'. When you know it, you know it.

Tell Us About Your Wheeling adventures this spring...

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Suzie said...

So fun!! My daughter just figured out how to pedal on her tricycle. We're getting ready to purchase her first toddler bike with training wheels. :)

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