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Thursday, 28 April 2011
As you may know, I have been working on a 'Princess Proofing' series.  And one of the planned posts pertains to the value of learning about real princesses.  And this week, with the wedding of Wills and Kate, we have one royal 'teachable moment' on our hands!

I'll admit to holding a fond memory of rising at 3 am 30 years ago (!) at the age of 7 to watch the Royal Wedding of Charles & Diana.  My grandmother was a royal watcher and as years past, I enjoyed thumbing through her royal books and watching the young princes at play on the pages.
And so, being good Canadians, Commonwealth, and all that... I have decided that we will embrace the wedding fever, at least participate and take our teachable moments as they come.  If nothing else, have some fun and maybe create some happy memories for Rowan of the day we watched the Royal Wedding (although we will *not* be rising at 3 am... oh the joys of modern PVR technology!).
With this in mind (and with a terribly busy schedule this week) we quickly whipped up some royal-worthy fascinators to wear to the wedding... being young and modern, we are eschewing hats in favour of the elaborate hair clip.

The humble clips....
The 'stuff'... (oh, the stuff!).
We hastily made some curled petal satin flowers (so hastily I burned some edges!), stitched in rosette centers and embellished with silk cord and ribbon. And we are ready to take our seats in the Abbey.
A little too garish, perhaps? Maybe so, but did you *see* the hat Camilla wore to her wedding to Charles? 
We'll report back after the event, and after our royal tea of cucumber sandwiches, angel food cake and, well, tea. Cheerio!♥


RhondaLavender said...

I LOVE your hair clips!! My 7-yo and I watched a bit of the replay video on The formality, the dress and the buildings helped make it grand to her.

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