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Thursday, 28 April 2011
In Waldorf pedagogy the days of the week each have an associated colour, and the colour for Thursday is orange.
Here are some great oranges to brighten the day and mark the season for your home, nature table or just for fun!  I started my search with the Natural Kids Team and found all of these lovelies! 

1. Carrots! by Fair Trade Family.
2. Bunny! by Fairy Folk.
3. Bamboo! by Tickety Bu.
4. Sunburst! by Harvest Moon By Hand
5. Lily! by Chimera
6. Fairy! by Elemental Handcrafts
7. Flower! by Handfull
8. Gnome! by Beneath the Rowan Tree

{I apologize for the copious exclamation points! I think all the bright oranges went to my head (!).)♥♥


Earthetarian said...

What a happy color for a gloomy rainy day! Thank you for finding my orange fairy!

fairtradefamily said...

orange is my very favorite color. love it!

Tickety Bu™ said...

Orange is my very favorite color too, it's so happy and energetic. I love it's vibrancy and the emotion it conveys. Lovely collection!

themagiconions said...

Such a treat to be here, darling Lori... Thank you soooo much :-)
Blessings and magic,

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