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Tuesday, 31 May 2011
My daughter loves her twirl skirts.
Partly because she is very sensitive to touch and prefers looser, softer clothing~ a skirt only touches at the waist.
And partly because she loves to *move* and enjoys the feeling of the skirts moving with her.

I am not sure how much her *teacher* loves them, since she (the teacher) was faced with helping Ro stuff them into her snow pants all winter long!

I love them, too!
In this, I am like Sy Sperling~ not only the hair club president, but also a client!
They go with anything, they are wash and wear and they do last a long time!

One of the benefits of our Rowan Tree Twirl Skirts, is that they grow with the girl.  Every one is designed for 2-3 years of wear in any season, which makes them a great value compared to pants that grow too short too quickly!

I was thinking about this as I snapped some pictures last week, so I thought I would gather some evidence of the longevity of these skirts...

Age 3.5 (2009)
Quick snap of the same skirt today (2011, Age 5 3/4)
June 2010 (this is a shorter style)
 June 2011
Summer 2010

May 2011
This black and white 'party skirt' replaced Rowan's original one which she wore for 3 years!
 And each has room to grow, still... which is good because she plans to keep them until she is a grown up (she says).♥


Ashley said...

these are so darling!!!! i totally love them! sounds like she does too:) :)

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