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Friday, 20 May 2011
{{First Answer post is HERE}}

The end of this month marks four years in business for Beneath the Rowan Tree.
It has been a journey of self-discovery, learning new skills and meeting so many very cool and amazing people.
Dyed & Painted Dress 2007
Circa 2007

Having recently joined the Etsy 'Old Timers' Team (!!), it got me thinking that I'd like to share some of that experience (anniversaries always make people reflective, don't they?!) because this business has been so much of a shaping influence in our family as it changes and grows, and because it is a family business~ we all pitch in, the silk is dyed in our kitchen, and the creative process is woven into our days. And because I think we all gain by the exchange of information and education!

But, really, what do you want to know?

I am going to 'open the floor' to questions.
You can add them in the comments on this post, or on our Facebook Page.
They can be personal, or business related (craft, marketing, networking etc.) and I'll try and tackle a few in blog posts.
Another 2007...

There is one catch... when I was a baby of 18 I went through (what was then a brand new process) a 'discernment' year with the church~ the aim being to work with a group and together, test and determine one's call to ministry. For the first number of meetings, the ham-fisted leader put me on the hot seat and grilled me about things 'beyond my ken'. It was torture.  Then we received directive (as I said, I was in the guinea pig stage of the process!) that answering questions should be collaborative... any questions asked of the student should also be answered by the rest of the group members.  That was a game changer!

So... I am opening the floor to questions, all of which I will also turn back to you (the general 'you', as appropriate) for an opportunity for anyone to answer who would like to do so! Sound fair?

Let's do it!


MamaWestWind said...

Hi! I have an etsy business, MamaWestWind,

My question is about balance. How do you balance family and business?

Also, how did you market yourself in the beginning? What venues did/ do you use?

Thanks! This is a great idea!


Rachael said...

Hi, can I ask how long did it take you to develop a 'good' fan base and a acomplished blog?
I just started my knitting blog in January and now patiently working hard to gain more followers and customers.

Heather Anne said...

I am just starting to sell my creations and am wondering what your experience has been. How do you feel about Etsy? Do you spend a lot of time doing markets and fairs and such? How do you balance your time with dear Rowan? What is your "if I'd known then what I know now..." advice?

Thank you!


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