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BTRT Patterns (on Etsy)

Saturday, 7 May 2011
Waldorf education emphasizes the importance of rhythm in the life of young children~ it regulates them and helps them to create meaning.  To aid in this process, each day of the week is assigned a colour, and the colour for Saturday is blue.

Be sure to check out our other Waldorf  weekday features (see the topic list on the lower right column) for lots of ideas to incorporate colour and rhythm into your days.

These items are drawn from the work of the Natural Kids Team on Etsy, a hardworking group devoted to providing all natural items for babies, kids and family life.  Search 'naturalkids team' to find many more goodies!

Hooray for spring blue skies and robin's eggs!

1.Bitty Bu in Aqua, by Tickety Bu (USA)
2. Blue Boy Cuddle Baby, by Driaa (Israel)
3. Wool Jersey Cardigan, by Merino Me (New Zealand)
4. Dragon's Egg, by Muddyfeet (USA)
5. Upcycled Wool King's Crown, by Elemental Handcrafts (USA)
6. Organic Cotton Newborn Hat, by Three Fish Shop (USA)
7. Bunkbed Bedroom, by The Enchanted Cupboard (USA)
8. Wood Nymph Hat, by povertyjane (USA)
9. Day at the Beach Twirligig™, by Beneath the Rowan Tree (Canada)
10. Blue Bonnet & Shorts for Doll, by German Dolls (USA)

Happy Saturday!♥♥


Dria said...

Beautiful Blues!!
Thanks for featuring my cuddle doll :-) It's a lovely collection!

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